Fairfax Has Different Rules For Jews

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boston-bombing2By Andrew Bolt

Fairfax newspapers have been very, very reluctant to mention the Boston bombers were Muslim:

So in the more than 6000 words filed by The Age on its live coverage thread by 8.30am on Saturday, the word “Muslim” was used just once: “The brothers are Muslims believed to be of Chechen origin, but there is still no clear motive for the attack.”

Uh huh.

“No clear motive”, even though by then we knew Tamerlan, the elder brother, named after a famous Muslim warrior, had called himself “very religious” and died with a bomb strapped to his chest.

Moreover, a YouTube account in his name was stuffed with videos of calls to jihad and homages to terrorism….

Same in yesterday’s Sunday Age editorial.

It mentioned the bombers were Chechen, but not that they were Muslim, adding: “It should be noted that information that emerged. . . didn’t fit into any neat profile, aside from the fact that the suspects were young adult males.”…

Sydney’s Sun-Herald likewise dodged the “M” word in yesterday’s editorial: “Their mother said her elder son got involved in religion about five years ago and believed her sons were controlled by someone else.”

What religion was that? The editorial didn’t say, even though the bombers’ mother had: “[Tamerlan] talks about Islam a lot.”

But no hesitation today about naming the religion of an alleged perpetrator:


Except this time the religion ain’t the religion:

Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson said Donald Cornell, who was a bus driver at the Orthodox Adass Israel School in Elsternwick and Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre, was charged with six counts of indecent assault on March 19… Chief executive of victim advocate group Tzedek Manny Waks said Mr Cornell, who is not Jewish…

Herald Sun

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  1. They are liberal. And generally, liberal = anti-Jewish.

    Or more precisely, liberal = anti-G-d = anti-Jewish. See Tehillim 83:3-4

  2. Unfortunatly, this is not new. Orthodox Jews have been slandered in the media for so long & nobody has ever come to their defense. The White House, itself, is playing this game of covering up the fact that these killers are Muslem. This is part of making up for the fact that we evil Americans produced an Anti Muslem film!

  3. I followed the link and read the article. I believe that while the headline is wrong and misleading, what the headline really means is “Driver of Bus for Jewish School Charged…”

  4. Who says “M” is for muslim? LoL Maybe it’s Moderate or Martyr? I’m sure if they had been muslim the report would have said so! After all it is the news! No?

    Tongue in Cheek! Face it Rabosai, we’re in Galus R”l and they hate us!

  5. Is there a reason I should even be hearing about this very obscure unnamed location paper. Where’s the antisemitism you allude to? If this the sort of reporting that your values indicate, please excuse me while I seek better criteria for leadership.

  6. “liberal = anti-G-d = anti-Jewish”

    I’m an Orthodox Jew and an unapologetic liberal. The Torah has a huge number of mitzvot related to proper business conduct and taking care of your fellows — and communal authorities are supposed to enforce such rules. Thinking that those are good things makes me a liberal, and it makes me pro-G-d, pro-Jewish, and pro-Torah!

  7. Yes Charlie you can reasonably argue that many ideas in the Torah can be construed as liberal. I’ll even provide you with an additional example: Yosef Hatzadik saved Mitzrayim (and the world) with Socialism. He nationalized everything, got everyone to sell their property to the central government, and redistributed everything! And, it worked! Nevertheless, if you are honest (I believe that you are) you will have to admit that the Anti-G-d (and some forms of the AntiJewish) crowd crowd find their home today in Liberalism. It is simply undeniable.

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