‘Fake News’: Ingraham Slams Reports That Trump Might Fire Mueller

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Laura Ingraham appeared on “Fox & Friends” this morning to slam reports that President Donald Trump is “considering” firing Robert Mueller, the Justice Department special counsel investigating possible ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

“I think he’s weighing that option,” longtime friend of Trump, Christopher Ruddy, said, prompting a White House statement denying the claim.

Ingraham called out the mainstream media for running with Ruddy’s unsubstantiated remarks.

“This is fake news,” Ingraham said. “This is an example of the establishment media being agenda-driven to drive the president out of office, and being lazy, and being stupid.”

“Even if he said that, isn’t it incumbent upon the American media to chase it down and to verify whether that’s true?” Ingraham said.

“This is fake and false. And it’s defamatory, and it’s outrageous.” Read more at Fox News.



  1. Trump should absolutely fire Mueller who is as false and biased as can be. He is hiring a totally Democratic anti Trump team and is a close friend of Comey. He is totally a Leftist hack and should not be allowed to continue this evil Democratic fake charade.


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