FAKE NEWS: Watch: Heshy Tischler Investigates: Story About Maimonides COVID Deaths is False, Officials Are Lying and Blackmailing Frum Modos

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  1. “I dont wear the yellow sign on my mask….I dont wear a mask” . Sorry you lost me at your vulgarity, your mocking the mask and exaggerated references of the Holocaust. You need to apologize for both. Your informal polling of the hospital tells me nothing. When a body is removed from a unit, the staff will of course say “No Covid” and they dont want to scare off patients by putting attention on their Covid patients. They dont owe you anything. They may also be the next shift, BTW your comments on your pants are beneath you, treat yourself and others with greater respect.

    • E Green

      What vulgarity are you talking about, his reference about yellow sign was that the health dept are singling out jews and it smacks of anti antisemitism, even the Aguda is blasting NYC for singling out jewish schools and areas

    • Dear 1:29am, sorry YOU lost me with your vulgar gibberish. According to the NY state website, the covid19 fatalities in the state have been hovering around 2 a day for the last couple months. Keep in mind that in a population of 20 mil, about 700 pass away every day; so, by any sane definition, there is no more covid19 epidemic in the state of NY – apparently the herd immunity has been achieved, as proven by the fatality figures. The supposed increase in cases (but not in fatalities) doesn’t mean that an epidemic is back: the tests are unreliable with a significant margin of error, the testing workers cheat and are encouraged to report more positives, often the common-cold corona-family viruses are coming in as false positives for the covid19.

  2. This is ridiculous. One person died. Curious how many have to die, because in case you haven’t noticed, covid hasn’t stopped spreading. AND WHY IS THAT?

  3. In EY they had strong man rules with fines etc. Why are they having this “massive” uptick now? Can it mean the masks DON’T work as well as they want you to think?

  4. Heshy is 100% right. Hospitals worldwide throughout the corona era are basically empty from “corona”. Even the NYT had reported that the hospitals are “eerily empty.”

  5. Dear Matzav,

    Please do not give any publicity to this man. He is a walking Chilul Shem Shomayim and an embarassment to frum Jews. We are in golus and Gedolei Yisroel have always charted a course for how we should act.

  6. When we say ומי ימות, please have in mind Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr aka Bill deBlasio. Maybe the anti yiddin garbage will end when he does.

  7. I agree with E. Green that Heshy Tischler is disrespecting the respected ones. He is also minimizing, trivializing the tragedy we are experiencing already for over 6 months. What is surprising is that he doesn’t bring HARD FACTS – it’s not convenient to him – but only HEARSAY which means, he has to bark his agenda to spread FAKE NEWS ! He needs to benefit his current Master in the White House but I doubt he will get a bone thrown as a reward.

  8. Im sure heshy dpsent to offend anyone.
    But you have to admit our lives our NOT on the shoulders of the mayor of the city , so they can back off and stop fining us.
    Gmar chasimah tova

  9. Like Heshy said: The reality is that B”H no one died from Corona over Shabbos or over the past few days. This is the plain reality!

    Why are the city and state lying? Why are they having their people in the media forward these lies? There’s a reason and it’s not pretty. We have to face the horrible reality – realize that they are corrupt, liars, thieves and murderers. We have to realize that it’s only Hashem Whom we can rely upon. May he enscribe us for a good year!

  10. Hershey is correct. What 3 people died from Covid? Now if anyone dies from old age or heart failure the doctor in the hospital automatically puts in covid.

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