FALL BACK: Turn Back Your Clocks Tonight

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Don’t forget to “fall back” and check smoke detectors this weekend. Tonight, Motzoei Shabbos – or, more accurately, Sunday morning –  at 2 a.m., time will revert back to standard, giving everyone an extra hour to sleep in.

[This applies to Matzav.com readers in chutz la’aretz. Our Israeli readers and others in that time zone moved their clock back already.]

Since 2007, the time change has reverted to standard time on the first Sunday of November and changed to Daylight Savings Time on the second Sunday of March.

Hence the phrase, “Fall back, spring ahead” to help people remember which way to turn their clocks during what season.


Daylight Savings is also a good reminder for people to check smoke alarms in their residences to ensure they’re working properly.

Prior to 2007, Daylight Saving Time in North America began on the first Sunday of April and concluded the last Sunday in October.

The change to extend Daylight Savings Time by one month was proposed in a small section of the 551-page Energy Policy Act of 2005 in Congress. The act targets energy efficiency and was signed into law by former President George W. Bush.

Initially, Daylight Savings was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in the late 1700s. It was picked up by Englishman William Willett in 1907, who encouraged Britain to adopt it.



    • Actually you should change it now but be a refusenik for so-called Daylight Saving Time which serves no purpose but is difficult for Shachris davening.

      • I can always go to Landau’s Shul and daven later. B”H, I’m self employed and make my own hours. For the working stiffs who have to be at work in Manhattan at 7:00am, they can always daven Shachris by their 3rd coffee break or lunch break. You can’t burden the masses for a few shlimazels.


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