FALSE HOPE: After Compromise To Bury His Mother, Get Refuser Denies He Agreed To Give A Get

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The recalcitrant husband who agreed to give his estranged wife a get yesterday now says that he did not commit to give a divorce or to go to Bais Din.

An agreement had been made through the efforts of the Chief Rabbi of Israel yesterday following the petira of the man’s mother. Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau, having been involved in this case of a husband who refused to give his wife a get for sixteen years despite having himself remarried five years ago, declared that the burial be delayed until the man agreed to give a get. The decision was made in cooperation with the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, also known as Agudas Harabonim.

The Beis Din had applied punitive measures against the husband several years ago to pressure him to divorce his wife, including losing the right to have his family members buried. The man also faces arrest should he step foot into Israel.

Submitting to the pressure, the man allegedly agreed to grant the woman her freedom by promising to go to Bais Din and give the get. In return, the Chief Rabbi agreed to release the mes for burial.

However, once the burial was completed the man rescinded from the agreement, claiming that he never agreed to give the get.

R’ Lau office said in response: “We are sorry that the same anchorage owner who, for over 15 years, refuses to release his wife from her marriage, and continues his refusal despite the agreements reached. The same man who did not spare his mother and his family even though he has since married a second wife.

“(We) will continue the unwavering war on the phenomenon of get refusal and do everything we can, including the most severe sanctions, to end agunah situation that arise.”




  1. Why did they bury her before the Get? He should be threatened that his mother will be taken out of the grave if he doesn’t give the Get. After all his mother supported his refusal to divorce her. Let her feel it too.

  2. Rabbi Lau writes: “(We) will continue the unwavering war on the phenomenon of get refusal …”
    Why don’t the rabbis wage war against wives who refuse to accept the get as well? One cannot give his wife get unless she agrees to accept it. If she doesn’t agree, the husband cannot get re-married either.

  3. Until recently when I would hear such stories I would wonder how can a man be so mean to his wife. Give a get and et life move on. However a close relative of mine separated over two years ago and I found out woman can be meaner, malicious and spiteful. In today’s progressive society the woman has more power than men.

    • I know that family personally, and can attest that it has nothing to do with the wife. The husband is malicious and conniving, and this story is completely indicative of that.

        • Look it up on israelnationalnews which carries a video of this guy (from youtube) who himself came out publicly identifying himself and stating his version of events. And I was unable to find anywhere else on the web under multiple spellings the name he gives of the alleged beis din where he allegedly deposited his alleged “get” that he claims in his video.

          • He says a very different story (the husband). He also says the get is sitting at a beis din in monsey called Shar Hamishpat: I think. If his version of the story holds some truth; that Rabbi Lau is related to the wife etc.. And that he wasn’t really contacted then the Rabanut needs to make a very quick din vcheshbon here.

  4. no wonder his wife wanted a get. i would love to be a fly on the wall in the house he is sharing her (she ‘married’ a man who refused to give his wife a get, what else should she be called?)

  5. This has a solution known as a “Heter Me’ah Rabonim” – used in extreme cases.
    So you probably won’t find a Man who is kept hostage for 16 years by a woman who refuses to accept a Get.

  6. Why did they bury before he gave a get? I know the family for many years, I knew when they were married and had a child, and then separated. I can’t believe she’s still an aguna.

    • he claims theres a get sitting at the beis din in monsey; she needs to pick it up.. Theres something in this story that doesn’t add up.

  7. If she cannot be taken out of her grave until her son gives the get, there should be strong prayers at her grave she shouldn’t have peace.

  8. so he pulled a fast one, not to attack the Rabbinut but if they were REALLY serious they literally would not bury her until he gave the get, now he just must be laughing that he just said yes and then said no and his mother got buried and his wife is still an aguna sounds like this is a horrible precendent or just bad press.

  9. I thought that they didn’t let him bury her until the get was given!!! This is pretty silly to trust him!
    I guess there was a concern of get meussah.
    But why the publicity and victory lap before he actually gave it?

  10. shame on matzav for posting this hate. which comptenent b”d paskened he has to give a get.this is worthy of jewish press we thought u were better than that

    • “which comptenent b”d paskened he has to give a get”

      Are you serious? So the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada (“Agudath Harabonim”) are not competent enough for you? The question you should ask is – who allowed this Ashkenaz person to marry a second wife while he is still not divorced from his first wife.

      • While I think this man should be punished if he indeed is the fault here. It is unfortunate but the Agudas Harabanim cannot always be relied upon.

  11. Joe, it’s called revenge.

    Something doesn’t make sense. If he remarried it means he has a heter meah rabonim. A man only receives a heter meah rabonim if he writes a get which the wife can pick up anytime at the beis din, so why doesn’t she pick it up???

      • Exactly. This is where the answer is. It happens often that the Rabanut doesn’t cooperate with american batei dinim which is outright wrong. Cus if indeed he is giving a get through that specific bais din; even if the bais din is not on great standards.. There are ways to make it work. If they would really mean the wifes good they wouldve picked that get up.

  12. This is an embarrassment for klal yisroel for someone to use hashems Torah to hurt someone
    There is a famous bais din in Rockland that works on solving these complicated cases someone should reach out to them
    They got me a gett from my husband after waiting a couple of years
    Their number is 18455792270

  13. You seem to be assuming things. While I have no idea about the matter, how are you so sure he remarried with a “heter meah rabonim” – maybe he remarried without such a heter? I would need to see the name of each and every one of the alleged 100 rabonim that allegedly signed such an alleged heter.

  14. Oh please. We know the woman is ALWAYS right. All men are evil pigs with a one track mind. All men are lazy incompetent fathers. All men are irresponsible. All men are indifferent. All men are cold & calculated. Etc etc etc…. On the other hand, all women are sweet perfect harmless princess’ with the midos tovos of Sarah Emeinu. Bla bla bla. Yawn. Zzzz.

  15. To: Halachic Man:
    It is my understanding, from my Yeshiva years, & I stand to be corrected, that: “Heter Meah Rabbonim”, is a ‘way out’, & may be invoked for a husband whose wife is severely mentally disabled, & cannot rationally relate to her immediate situation, & ‘Willingly’ accept a ‘Get’. Obviously, this after the woman has been examined, & so certified, by several Boarded medical Psychiatrists.
    The “Heter Meah Rabbonim” will then nullify Rabbeinu Gershon’s; (1) “Cherem” against forcibly divorcing one’s wife, & (2) the “Cherem” against having more than one wife.


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