Families of Mumbai Terror Attack Victims Sue Pakistani Intelligence


gavriel-holtzberg-with-moishyA wrongful death suit accuses the Pakistani intelligence service of complicity in the Mumbai massacre carried out by the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba. The suit was filed in Brooklyn Federal Court by relatives of four victims slain in the November 2008 bloody attack and one survivor.

It contends Pakistan’s shadowy Inter-Services Intelligence provided support to the gunmen who killed 166 and wounded more than 300 people.

Two victims, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg of Brooklyn and his wife Rivkah, were slaughtered at the Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Center in front of their 2-year-old son Moshe.

The claim is largely based on the involvement of Pakistan national David Headley who has pleaded guilty to plotting the attacks with Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Headley, a former federal drug informant from Chicago, held fundraising events in New York City while he was coordinating with the terror group and the Pakistani intelligence agency in planning the attack, the suit says.

Lawyer James Kreindler, who is representing the plaintiffs, said the suit may not be politically popular.

“Obviously, Pakistan is an ally of the U.S. in the war in Afghanistan and our efforts to fight Al Qaeda,” Kreindler said.

“We know, however, that I.S.I. has straddled some fences and while Pakistan is certainly cooperating with us, the I.S.I. has used [Lashkar-e-Taiba] for its own purposes.”

Kreindler’s law firm successfully sued Libya on behalf of the 259 passengers blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb on Pan Am flight 103, and the 11 people killed on the ground.

The government of Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba are also named as defendants in the suit.

A message left at Pakistan’s consulate in Manhattan was not immediately returned.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. Ever since the tragedy R.Nachman Holzberg (the father of R.Gavriel HaYad) has been slowly deteriorating. He recently sought the advice of HaGaon Harav Elyashiv, saying he now wanted to hear from “true Gedoley Yisrael” implying he had not in the past – an apparent cut of his ties to Lubavitch.
    Let us hope he finds some solace in this case – and that the judge sees a man in mental torment. The damages should include compensation for what this did to him as well.

  2. Because of the United States’ allies, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other hotbeds of terror, how many Americans were killed? They can pat down, xray, whatever, they’re all stupid (let alone invasive) measures. In Eretz Yisrael, the security people learn how to read faces and hear something when talking to passengers. El Al has been telling this to America since 9/11 but nobody’s home.


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