Family in Woodmere Robbed At Gunpoint In Front Of Their Home

9 reports: A Woodmere family was robbed at gunpoint as they were walking into their home early this morning, and Nassau police are looking for the men responsible.

According to police, the family of four parked their car in the driveway of their home in North Woodmere at 4:55 a.m. and started to walk toward their home. As they did, two men ran toward them and yelled for them to get to the ground. One of the men pulled out a gun.

The two men then stole money and jewelry from the family before getting into a dark-colored sedan and fleeing in an unknown direction.

One of the robbers was a black man, about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 230 pounds, with black hair in braids, wearing a blue shirt with white denim jeans. The other man was also black, 5 feet, 11 tall, with a thin build and short black hair, wearing a black shirt and dark-colored pants.



  1. I know I’ll be slandered as a racist when this is false. But why is that almost all these stories are by the same community? Blame the victim not the perpetrator. So says violence inclined deblasio

  2. One of the men was black (description follows). The other man was also black ….
    Why not simply say that two black criminals robbed a family at gun point?

  3. North Woodmere is not a safe place to live or raise a family. Saving 2% on a mortgage vs. the actual 5 towns, is not worth it. In addition, 5 towns is nicer and more suburban than north Woodmere. Don’t run to north Woodmere just to get a house 2% more affordable. You will be taking out a 40 year mortgage, either way, to own a home in NY.

  4. Why would anyone want to live in New York? Too cold in the winter. Too hot and muggy in the summer. Nasty, noisey people. High crime rate. Everything is expensive. No affordable housing. Congestion everywhere. Worst traffic & worst drivers. Corrupt police. Corrupt politicians. Why? Why???????????


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