Family of R’ Menachem Stark ‘Extremely Afraid’ Murderers Won’t be Caught

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menachem-stark-abductionThe family of R’ Menachem Stark, who was brutally murdered late last week, is “extremely afraid” that his murderers won’t be caught and have raised the reward for information leading to their capture to $25,000, Rabbi David Niederman, a close family friend, told The Algemeiner.

“The family is very concerned to make sure that the perpetrators be caught as soon as possible, before any lead to them vanishes,” Rabbi Niederman, who heads the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, said. “The family is extremely afraid that they are running out of time.”

An initial reward of $11,000 was announced at a press conference on Sunday, $10,000 of which was provided by the family. A further $1000 was donated on behalf of the Crown Heights Jewish community by local activist Chanina Sperlin.

Rabbi Niederman also said that the family was calling on the New York Police Department to add to the sum total of the reward. “We are contacting the police as well to join the community on this,” he said.

The family felt compelled to offer the bounty because they want “to make sure that whoever was involved [in the crime] is caught, and does not vanish,” he said. “The family is asking the police to do whatever it takes.”

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  1. I also am afraid of the outcome of the police investigation,not because I feel they are incompetent,but worse,I feel there is an apathy when an atrocious crime like this is commited against a member of our community.For this reason I espouse that we,as a community,must encourage our youth to consider a career with the police department,as we must be better represented among their ranks,so that in times such as this our grief and concern will be better understood and respected,and also that we can successfully voice our outrage and have a say so in the investigations of crimes committed against our people.

  2. Not sure it’s the mob. They don’t do such a sloppy job….and dump someone where they could easily be found…They are more professional.

  3. $25K isn’t a lot to offer for risking your life for turning in these murderers. Why not come up the amount to something significant? That might help. However, the NYPD isn’t the Keystone Kops. They’ll catch the criminals – it just may not be within the 60 minutes allotted for most TV crime shows. Better they should take the time, catch the right guys, and be able to put together an airtight case so there’s no chance of a conviction being reversed on appeal.

  4. Why no expression of concern from DeBlasio? Does he know something/someone so that he might be found to be in some way complicit?


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