Family of Yosef Bando Livid After Sha’ah Tovah Publishes Interview


japan-bochurim1The publication of an interview conducted with Yosef Bando, the youngest of the three bochurim arrested in Japan who is now in Eretz Yisroel serving the duration of his sentence in an Israeli jail, has had negative ramifications for the young bochur. The interview, an exchange between Yosef and Rav Yitzchok Dovid Grossman, rov of Migdal Ha’emek, was published in Sha’ah Tovah. The head of the prison where Yosef is incarcerated, however, summoned Yosef after he learned of the interview and stated that Yosef’s rights to visits and time off could be severely limited for breaching the conditions of detention by giving the interview.

Yosef, however, never formally gave an interview, and family members are livid that the publication of statements made by the bochur could potentially hurt him.
In the interview, Yosef, in conversation with Rav Grossman, related his feelings upon returning to Israel and the horror he experienced the past two years.

Just several hours after the magazine hit the newsstands, Yosef was called to the prison warden and told that granting an interview was against detention rules.

“Why not ask us before publishing the interview?” exclaimed a brother of Yosef. “Are they not aware that much sensitivity is needed with a prisoner who has been transferred to a foreign prison?”

According to the family, Yosef called from a pay phone that morning in jail and wept over the punishment imposed upon him for allegedly granting an interview.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. In a rush to post the hottest breaking news we have lost our abilities to be objective. Our Tzibbur has become infected with this breaking news-exclusive etc… A sickness that causes much more harm then good. Facts are not checked, permission is not granted and stories are not authenticated. many times the subjects themselves are made to suffer even worse. wardens and officials read these sites and the very prisoners we aim to help are hurst even worse.
    the competition among news oulets, blogs, and magazines is causing klal yisroel much grief and pain.

    please please use your saichel before posting a story.

    chag kosher vsomeach

  2. Wait and see! The agitators are going to start cursing the Israeli prisons. They already said that he had it much better in the Japanese jails. If so let him go back. Its like the blacks saying they were better off in Africa. No problem Go back.

    You don’t like the Israli prisons go back to Japan. The pressure will begin. The 50,000 letters will soon start. Get ready for demonstrations and public gatherings with speakers condeming them.


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