Famous Brooklyn Bowling Alley Could Become a Shul

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maple-lanesMaple Lanes, which has been operating in Brooklyn since 1960 and is the antithesis of the chic and pricey bowling alleys that have gained popularity in New York City in recent years, may soon house a shul and over 150 apartments.

Located in Borough Park, the bowling alley’s owners say their new project will provide “needed housing” to the area, and “a synagogue with community-event space for a growing Jewish population”, according to the New York Post.

The prospective change will face its first city review on tonight in Brooklyn.

“Maple Lanes is an institution – it’s a cornerstone of Brooklyn,” 50 year old Mark Goldberg told The Post while bowling in Borough Park. “I don’t want to believe that someday it might not be here.”

The alley features 48 lanes and at $4.50 per game, it is one of the cheaper options for New York City bowlers.


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  1. They’re nasty, and anyway, every time I tried to bring my kids when the place was half empty they never had open lanes. Good riddance.

  2. The owners want a Shul? Who are the owners? Heimisha Yidden? Who are the developers? Who is being shaken down, to get this deal? Is this project getting tax breaks? Who will live in the apartments? Price? Zoning? Don’t leave us hanging.

  3. BP needs the housing more than the bowling alley! Now we need to get rid of these massive public school buildings taking up a full square block in teh center of BP. (Where the kids need to be shuttles from who knows where)

  4. Its loss would be a tragedy. It is one of the only bowling alleys left in Brooklyn and provides a source of kosher, clean, wholesome recreation for many frum kids and young adults. I see Chassidish mosdos taking kids there to bowl. Its loss would be a real shame.


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