Farewell to Yair Alpert of Matzav.com Israel

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matzav_networkMatzav.com wishes farewell to Yair Alpert, longtime head of the Matzav.com Israel News Bureau. Yair is an acclaimed writer, a true professional, and a talented lecturer and advisor who will be using his talents and abilities in various private endeavors.

We wish Yair and his wife, Tamar, much success in their future undertakings. May they see only hatzlacha along with nachas from their family.

We thank Yair for his years of service to Matzav.com, playing an important role over the years in establishing Matzav.com as the reliable and informative news source it has become.

Yair, we thank you. You will be missed.

At the same time, Matzav.com‘s team of writers will ensure that Matzav.com Israel continues to provide comprehensive news coverage with the same Torah perspective and flavor readers have become accustomed to.

Stay with Matzav.com for all your national and international news, and keep it here for all your Catskills and summer news wherever you are.

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  1. Do Matzav writers/reporters get paid or is it mostly volunteer? Can I work for Matzav? How can I make contact with management? I would report emes hadvorim w/o any biases.


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