Farrakhan’s Fiery New Warning to USA: ‘Every Plague Written in Koran is Going to Come to Pass’


minister-louis-farrakhan[Video below.] Minister Louis Farrakhan has become known for his often-cryptic warnings about the calamity that he believes Allah will inflict upon America. On Sunday, in a speech he delivered at Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, the fiery faith leader issued yet another warning to the audience of 6,000, telling them that “every plague that is written in the Koran is going to come to pass in America.”

From advice for President Barack Obama to words of encouragement for Muslims and the Islamic world, Farrakhan was filled with advice and proclamations delivered with his version of love and kindness – and, at moments, with rage. At one point, while discussing what he claims will befall America, Farrakhan could barely contain himself, as he was so impassioned that he slammed his hand numerous times on the podium in front of him.

“All of the punishments that are written in the Koran never came to pass in the time of Prophet Muhammad…never – but every plague – every plague that is written in the Koran is going to come to pass in America under the modern Pharaoh, in the modern Rome, in the modern Babylon, in the modern Sodom and Gomorrah – take it or let it alone,” he proclaimed.

Watch these controversial comments, below:

These statements come on the heels of other similar sentiments that the preacher has spewed. In July, he told a separate audience in Chicago, Illinois, that America is crumbling as a result of the nation’s purportedly “imperial” ways and mistreatment of mankind.


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  1. he might not be correct, BUT you can see a list of many tragedies & other sad events that will occur before mashiach comes. YOU can see these events told by HASHEM straight to zecharia Hanavi approx. 2000 years ago. see for yourself & look it up

    2 examples mentioned are 1)yerushalyim will be divided in half (not 75-25) & 2)the entire world will be against klal yisroel & bring milchemes gog u’magog upon us


  2. how about this. hashem is sending jews a message to get out of america and seeing as you dont want to listen much. he uses this sweetheart ????

    here in jerusalem we keep on telling you the party is over, you have no escuse to stay in goy heaven. it is going to get a lot worse.

    how can you claim to be religious people and disobey such a clear torah teaching.


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