LISTEN: Fascinating Shmuess from Rav Berel Whitman, R”M at Mir Yerushalayim, On How To Be Mechanech Children In This Generation

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  1. Really amazing! Ive got to say from my time in yeshiva he was by far one of the best rebbeim there. Please post more of his shiurim

  2. Reb Yaakov Hillel was once asked, how does one tell if a mekubal is legitimate or a fraud, and he answered that you should see if the guy can learn a blatt Gemara, and if not hes a fraud.
    Unfortunately today, there is a business for ‘master mechanchim’. A Mechanech shouldn’t be a professional chinuchadvicepersonetc. Rather someone who actually knows what Yiddishkeit really is. Unfortunately many of those who weren’t fortunate to ever chap a geshmak in learning now become ‘chinuch experts’ in their own right based on what they read from other ‘chinuch experts’, and don’t have Torah values, rather hermitlike blindfold yourself values.
    I was never zoche to be a Talmid by Reb Berel, but I am now a Talmid
    Shkoiach for posting this Shiur from a TRUE Talmid Chacham who actually understands what he is talking about as opposed to someone who talks supposed chinuch by profession and spews what naarishkeiten he hears in the gaas.

  3. While there is much truth to what he is saying, it is still true that even good bochurim that have good rebbeim and good parents could still stray away from the path of torah because they got pulled into shmutz, and once your mind is contaminated its hard to get out of it (and its a known fact that internet causes addiction) and kol sheken a bochur that is on the weaker side could easily get ruined from having such devices , therefore its obvious that we shouldn’t allow bochurim to have these dangerous weapons at their disposal.

  4. Sion: you obviously didn’t get the point…
    FINALLY someone speaks the truth, many years ago a very choshov baal mechanech told me..
    the reason the schools make it so hard excepting children, is because they don’t know how to REALLY be mechanech them.. so they only take children from the so called better homes etc so their risk is lower..

    Real emesdig baal mechancim eliminate from within towards their pupils real yirei shumayim!!!!

    Thanks to this giant; hopefully his words will bear fruits and get the chinuch eorld thinking

  5. im afraid sion is right. While i personally am not involved in chinuch per-se, as someone whose parents, inlaws, grandparents and siblings are all (master) michanchim, some of them very well known especially in the teens at risk “camp” as well as in the so called mainstream, i do have some knowledge as to whats going on. while the issues of “sheker” that R’ Berel is talking about is a real concern, he definitely sounds a bit out of touch with reality. as anyone that went to any yeshiva knows, most , if not all boys, don’t develop a real misikus hatorah until they’re in their mid teens or early teens at the best. how do you expect a 13 or 14 year old to sit and try to work on a rav akiva eiger or rashba in order to develop misikus hatora IF FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS HIS BRAIN HAS BEEN FRIED BY WHAT HE SAW ONLINE!? if there would be a way to install misikus hatorah in a 5 yr old THEN R’ Berel would be 100% on target that the ONLY issue with chinuch these days would be mechanchem that are shakronim- although ive been through 6 yeshivois in my “student career” and was “ejected” from some of them as well and have seen unfortunately some of my friends stray from the path in varying degrees- but i can maybe point to ONE rebbi out of all of them that fit in the “shakran” description (as much as i couldnt stand a lot of them…)- the majority of my friends that strayed -by their own admission- came from being exposed to worldly attractions, whether shmutz , gashmius, redifus hataivois (monetary or otherwise) from an early age. yes, R Berel is right, taking away the iphone wont solve all the issues – theyll find another distraction- but as long as a boy of any age has any access to internet [SHMUTZ OR OTHERWISE] HES NOT COMING BACK TO LEARNING and even if he keeps his sedorim , the misikus hatorah is guaranteed to be missing.

    • i think @shia is on the ball with this. i just want to add, even if you have a good filter on a smart phone or totally remove the browser… there is an endless supply of games that people are addicted to. i have watched many kids and even grown ups that can’t put down the “phone” – games. playing candy crush, angry birds or some racing game for hours…
      If a kids brain is buried in some game, he aint developing a mesikus hatorah.
      and BTW: i don’t recall anyone saying that the main problem in chinuch is an iPhone. I have heard that it is a major issue… but not the only issue…

  6. I am dumbfounded by anyone that believes that anyone who learns with a geshmak can’t go off the path by being exposed to the wrong content, even if he was never exposed to it before he started learning, once he sees the wrong things he could easily be nimshach, the isur of yichud applies to even the biggest gedolim kol sheken to a bochur that is at the peak of his תאוה, absolutely no one is immune to this yetzer hara אל תאמין בעצמך עד יום מותך

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