Fat Lawsuit: Man Sues American Airlines Over Seating Arrangement


An Australian man is suing American Airlines, alleging that he suffered serious injuries after being seated next to two passengers he claims were “grossly obese.”

Michael Anthony Taylor, of Wollongong, New South Wales, was flying from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles in December 2015—a 14-hour journey.

Taylor was seated in the window seat of economy class and, according to court documents, two overweight passengers were seated in his row. According to the lawsuit, the body of the passenger next to Taylor “spilt over and encroached” upon his seat, forcing him to “contort his body into a series of positions including standing up, crouching, keeling and leaning forward,” report snews.com.au.

Though it’s been well over a year since the trip, Taylor, who suffered from a pre-existing spinal curvature, claims that he suffered even more severe back injuries and neck pain, arguing that the uncomfortable plane ride exacerbated his condition.

Taylor’s lawyer, Thomas Jansen of Shine Lawyers, said his client  asked the cabin crew if he could change seats but was reportedly denied re-accommodation requests multiple times. Read more at Fox News.



  1. i was also once seated next to an obese woman on a 10 hour flight from kiev to NY. i can not tell you how uncomfortable that was. when someone like that spills over into your seat it doesn’t just lessen your seating space, it also creates an unbelievable amount of heat—like sitting next to a heating pad.


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