Fatah Facebook Page Honors Japanese Terrorists Who Killed 26 At Israeli Airport

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The Fatah faction—which is led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas—on its Facebook page honored members of the Japanese Red Army who murdered 26 people at Israel’s Lod Airport (now Ben Gurion International Airport) in 1972, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

On Tuesday, about two weeks ahead of the anniversary of the Lod Airport attack, Fatah posted a photo from the attack that shows pools of blood on the floor with scattered luggage as well as a photo of one of the terrorists, Kozo Okamoto.

“Forty-four years since the airport operation…A thousand greetings to the Japanese fighter and friend Kozo Okamoto, the hero of the Lod airport operation, May 30, 1972,” the Fatah post read.

In addition to the 26 people who were killed, 80 others were wounded in the Lod Airport attack. The members of the Japanese Red Army who carried out the attack were recruited by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group.

Two of the terrorists—Takeshi Okudaira and Yasuyuki Yasuda—were killed during their attack, while Okamoto survived and received three life sentences in prison. But he was released through the Jibril Agreement in May 1985 after serving only 13 years of his sentences.




  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for world (or even American) condemnation of this latest atrocity from Israel’s “Peace Partner”.
    But he was released through the Jibril Agreement in May 1985 after serving only 13 years of his sentences.” Which is why killing terrorists is so much better than capturing them. Legally, the soldier who shot the wounded terrorist may have been wrong, but that’s one less terrorist who’ll be released early to try another attack.

  2. Doesn’t Facebook forbid hate speech; what can be more hateful than this terrorist post?! A.Guess, “hate speech” has nothing to do with being hateful, rather is a code word for speech that liberals hate to hear. B.While hating conservatives, liberals have no problem with the bloodthirsty islamonazis.


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