Fatah Official: Palestinians Have The Right To Force ‘Israeli Women To Cry’

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Jamal Muhaisen fatahAn official from the Mahmoud Abbas-led Palestinian Fatah faction said that Palestinian Arabs have a “right” to make “Israeli women to cry,” Palestinian Media Watch reported through translations of Palestinian media reports.

Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen—speaking at a rally honoring dead Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi, who stabbed and killed two Jews last month—said, “It is the right of our young men to cause Israeli women to cry like our women are crying, even though our women make sounds of joy after their sons’ and husbands’ deaths as martyrs.”

At the same rally, Palestine Liberation Organization members described Halabi as a hero and a role model for the youths.


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  1. whose fault is it that their women are crying? who is forcing their husbands and sons to blow themselves up? for some reason, the Ribono Shel Olam has made the oomos ha’olam deaf and blind to what is right before their eyes. we must work hard to keep our emunah intact.

  2. Israel has the right to defend itself from these human looking animals. Any terrorist attacking Jews risks being taken out.

    Message to Terrorists: Engaging in terror may be hazardous to your health!


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