Father Of Abused Worker: I Cried Like Never Before

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Shmuel Belvoy, the father of Yehuda, the 29-year-old man who was abused at at a branch of the Supersol supermarket chain in Gush Etzion, spoke out Wednesday about how he found out his son was being abused.

“My son told me he has been suffering daily for five years, and it hurts me that all this time he didn’t talk. My wife and I didn’t know anything. He is a special needs child. He has anxieties. He is afraid of his own shadow. And mentally he’s like a little kid,” Belvoy told News 13 host Amnon Levy.

He noted that a friend he had contacted revealed the video of the abuse to him. “He told me ‘I have a video and I will show it to you, but don’t faint, be strong. I saw the video and I was exposed to it for the first time, and cried like I never cried.'”

Belvoy said that until that moment he had no idea of the horrors his son had endured. “A month ago, he told me that his work was difficult and he mentioned the Arab workers with him. I thought they were making him carry slightly more crates, and I told him to focus on the work and not to address anything. But he doesn’t speak, that’s part of his disability.”

“They took advantage of his disability and abused him horribly. I saw the video and thought ‘How can a man be abused like that, and why?’ These were human animals,” Belvoy added.

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  1. Correction the family name is Blau or Bloi in the Hebrew pronunciation. Family is my neighbor and good friend. So so mean and horrible and painful.

  2. How can we avoid this? Maybe a checks and balances system where every chalenged person has a safe buddy that will ask him are you ok…anyone bothering you…I dont know. This surely is hapening in more places! We need to be vigilant for them!

    • You think only arab workers harass their jewish colleagues? Walk into the heimishe offices and heimishe work place and see how many innocent workers are being harrased and abused by non other than their ill men/lady bosses.
      I know one too many a family member suffering under these so called jewish bosses.
      Sadly some people think they need to have everything, EVEN the power to abuse, harass and degrade to the lowest form of humanity their employees. I can’t wait for the day for this to blow up and my list to become published.

  3. Not to come across as callous, but aren’t we beating a dead horse? How many different angles and interviews are we going to get on this same story? Unfortunately there are many cases of abuse, in all different forms and we don’t go on and on and on about it any particular case. Yes, I was personally verbally abused as a child.I know what’s coming next. A fund raising campaign for the family.

    • you are definitely an abused soul; from the way you write. Your expression in this comment shows a profile of someone that was abused and can potentially become an abuser himself. So I suggest you seek out help asap. Sympathy and Mercy is a natural virtue and asset in humanity; when you loose respect for that, usually cus you haven’t been exposed to respecting that. Then you are not in a good place.


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