Father of Eli Bochorov, US Boy Injured in Attack: ‘Where Was the US Embassy?’

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eli bochorovThe youth from Long Island who was wounded in a terror attack while spending Shabbos in Chevron is returning to New York along with his father.

Eli Borochov was shot in the thigh by an Arab sniper and taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. He was released from the hospital this afternoon, along with his friend who was also wounded in the same attack, Arutz Sheva reports.

“The bullet entered and left his leg. This was a great miracle from heaven,” Eli’s father, Ronen Borochov, told Arutz Sheva. “I don’t understand how it could be that the American embassy is not interested in the victim’s welfare even though the hospital updated them when it turned out that a Jewish American youth was wounded. They didn’t care at all.”

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  1. They care about the attackers like the weather underground cared about Obama and the flotilla and the muslim sisterhood works with Hillary. Shame America chooses those who call it the Big Satan. SO SAD AMERICA IS FAILING ITS TRUE BELIEVERS. HOW MANY PEARL HARBORS SINCE DAN PERL?

  2. Arab blood seems to be redder than Jewish blood.

    If Arabs are killed by security forces, the White House issues a message that it is “very concerned”. Where is the message from the White House that they are “very concerned” about Arabs committing acts of terror?

  3. The American Embassy there is an extension of the Arab league and is ‘kahoots’ with the UN.
    Yidden are at the very, very end of their priority list: if it’s there altogether.

  4. The U.S’s policy of not defending its Jewish citizens’ rights when they are in Israel is a disgrace that has been ongoing for far too many years. Previous Republican administrations, while far friendlier to Israel than the current one, are also guilty of this neglect.


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