Father of Rejected Girl: “There is No Limit to Humiliation; I am Furious, Belittled and Disparaged

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zakaA chilling letter to a Rechasim Council member just days before the father from Rechasim committed suicide clearly points out his rage and frustration caused by his daughter’s rejection from first grade, Kikar reports.

“There is no limit to humiliation – I am furious, belittled and disparaged,” writes the desparate and hopeless father.

The letter was publicized by Wallah News by Yaki Adamkar.

In another, similar letter, the father writes that he has begun to feel that everyone has turned against him, and his little daughter. She understands what we are going through – a belittling and humiliating process. She keeps inquiring as to where she will learn and why she was not accepted. This is not how a little girl should begin her first steps of her education.

In reply to the claim that the family’s spiritual level is not on par, the father wrote: “This is a blood libel.” For the complete letter in Hebrew, click here.

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  1. All those that snub out other Jewish people are rodfim and sonei Hashem. It’s a great shame the father gave up on fighting the establishment. We should not be frum because of our social circles, but because of our Emuna.

  2. He on rave strongman said that with today’s standards Avrom avino would be Abel to get into any school
    In days goneby mosdes we’re proud of students they turned out today the are proud of students they take in
    Asiden liten es hadin

  3. I understand pain, anger and rage, frustration, and despair. Especially when we feel it is our precious children being hurt. Still we can not condone suicide. Maybe we should consider how many (countless) desperate people, some of them religious and some of them less so, throughout history did not suicide in terrible situations. Sometimes facing tragedies that involved their children suffering and which entailed A LOT more than enrolling in a supposedly second-choice school, enough said.

    Also, there are other sides to the story. The school administrators who have a very difficult job. The other parents and their concerns.

  4. try visiting CITIES IN america where this process is insane to get your child into a school & it destroys parents lives each year causing them so much unnecessary pain

    American school acceptance of your child ISSUES ARE WORSE THEN ISRAEL SCHOOLS be happy you don’t live in certain ctities regarding this issue & if you do then you better pray to Hashem 24/7 that your child gets accepted into a school

  5. So he had rachmanus on his daughter and killed her father. Hmmmm…. As much as I agree that the current situation with school acceptance is a disaster and feel bad for the parents and children for having to go through all this aggravation, I believe this case does not speak to that. This is a clear case of mental illness and should be presented as such


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