Fauci Says He Hasn’t Briefed Trump On COVID-19 In 2 Months


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke to the Financial Times in an interview published Friday, in which he revealed that it’s been more than a month since he actually saw the president in person at the White House; that last happened on June 2, he said. Additionally, Fauci said that it’s been at least two months since he briefed Trump, though he’s “sure” his messages are being relayed to the president.

After all, Fauci in the interview had to offer a fact-check of Trump’s recent false claim that 99 percent of COVID-19 cases are harmless.

“I’m trying to figure out where the president got that number,” Fauci said. “What I think happened is that someone told him that the general mortality is about 1 percent. And he interpreted, therefore, that 99 percent is not a problem, when that’s obviously not the case.”

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