Fauci: States Seeing Virus Surge Should Consider New Lockdowns


The U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, on Monday said states with high coronavirus case counts should reconsider imposing lockdown restrictions, emphasizing the need to get cases to a low baseline before the fall flu season.

In some states with moderate case counts, experts are seeing “that same insidious increase in percent positive that we had seen and pointed out … in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota and others,” Fauci said during an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Fauci said last week that he was seeing signs the surge of COVID-19 cases could be peaking in the South and West while other areas were on the cusp of new outbreaks. Those states should consider pausing or rolling back reopening efforts, though they don’t necessarily need to revert to full lockdown, he said.

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  1. Lockdowns are to put up some more 5G Radiation Towers as well as to continue Deep State criminal arrests.

  2. Where is the legitimate evidence? There are conflicting reports of dishonest data presentation. Why the controlling, know it all, dictum? Why have some reports been deleted from social media posts? Hmm. There are significant inexpensive medications to avoid tragic outcomes from this virus, but why are they being discouraged when in fact there is evidence that during SARS, Fauci endorsed these treatments? Nothing impedes social, emotional, and communal health and peace, more than learned helplessness encouraged by a political agenda.

    • Your links are only 4 and a half months out of date. That’s it. How about keeping up with the times. Or maybe only sheeple know what’s going on.

      Either way, calling people names such as sheeple is a sign of inconfidence. When one knows he is right he need not call others names. That is why liars call those who recognize the truth sheeple. That is the way they try to legitimize themselves, by trying to discredit others. As Chazal say כל הפוסל במומו פוסל.

    • Of course they don’t need to distance and wear masks. Anyone who should try entering their residence and spread disease, would be dealt with.

  3. Besides their plans for their holy, holy, holy new gravely dangerous Covid vaccine, the horrendously destructive lockdowns seem to be the only treatment that they have for the Covid disease. They totally ignore and dismiss and have a vendetta against the fact that there ABSOLUTELY ARE quite a lot of good (non-harmful) cures for it in the realm of Natural Medicine along with the very old drug Hydroxychloroquine.

  4. (Continuation of my remark)

    This is virtually identical to their approach to several other diseases, especially, Lo Alaynu, the “Yenem Machla” (C——). The only routes of treatment that they have for it are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, all of which are extremely harmful. With surgery, even a “minor” procedure is still heavy trauma to the patient, and at every major operation, the patient is in danger of immediate death from the extreme trauma. Radiation and chemotherapy are of the most horrendous poisons in existence, which massively destroy the patient’s whole physiology. It is well known that in most C—— cases, the patient DID NOT DIE from the Machla itself, but rather from the horrid ruination done by the radiation & chemo.

    Like here in the Covid situation, the Saint Anthony Fauci & Co Medical Establishment totally ignores and dismisses and has a vendetta against the fact that there ABSOLUTELY ARE quite a lot of good (non-harmful) cures for C—— in the realm of Natural Medicine. Countless times, officers of the FDA and the FBI have bashed into and totally shut down excellent clinics that were brilliantly curing C—— patients with natural treatment techniques.

  5. (Continuation of my remark)

    All this glaringly shows that this Modern Medical (so-called) “Establishment” does not care at all about curing diseases and saving lives. Rather, they work with a callous agenda of what treatments will bring them in the most big $$$$$$$.

  6. (Continuation of my remark)

    Especially now in this Covid crises, their fervent calls and demands for more and more and more and more non-ending lockdowns further shows that they (the Medical Establishment and their backers in the governments and the United Nations) have an infinitely more sinister agenda. This is that they actually WANT us all to be “locked-down,” to be stymied, to be unable to move, to be unable to do anything, to be unable to make any Parnossa. That, Chas V’Shalom, we would then use up all our saved money and would be destitute and would be unable to keep and drive our automobiles and would be unable to keep and live in our homes — THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT!!

    They do not want us to have our own cars. They do not want us to have our own houses. They do not want us to have our own land. They do not want us to be vibrant and independent. Instead, they want us to be pliable and meek and weak and fully subservient to and unquestioningly following the dictates of their emerging tyrannical rule.

    • Life to you is owning houses and cars and going around to do what exactly? to earn Parnasa? Which you would spend on your house and car? And what use are savings for, if not to be used when needed?

      Our grand-grandparents would work and raise families and study and teach their children, they would use money to pay for taxes or rent, their savings – if any – were there in case there was need for the doctor (same doctors you so much despise) or to relocate when the local government stated they had enough of Jews – i.e. when Jews have completed whatever work we’re supposed to do there, and must move on. It is awesome we have a car to move faster, or a washing machine instead of having to use lye, and, most important of all, restrooms. But if we lose sight on what these things are for, they might disappear. You can blame the WHO and the Democrats and Bill Gates all you want, but you might want to think a little more about it. “Maybe” it is decided above the politics level? And I am not referring to “the cabal” as you call it derogatorily.

      • To Mr. “Anonymous”:

        Thank You for your remarks and challenges on several points. B’Ezras Hashem, let us try to answer.

        Of course, it should go without saying, that we must ALWAYS keenly realize, what our Torah HaK’dosha teaches us, that EVERYTHING that occurs is the Ratzon Hashem. Even occurrences that seem to be “bad,” are really “good,” as they are the “discipline” of an Infinitely Loving Father, Who, in His infinite love of us, is disciplining us to cleanse us from the corruptions of our Aveiros and to steer us away from doing Aveiros.

        AT THE EXACT SAME TIME THOUGH, we must also always keenly realize, what our Torah HaK’dosha equally teaches us, that the people who make the bad occurrences, ARE bad people, and their actions of making the bad occurrences ARE bad actions. The Gemara (Gitin, 56b) itself, and it is expressed in the Kinnos, relates in great detail many of the severely horrific actions that the Roman General Titus did in his leading the Churban Beis HaMikdash, the punishments that Hashem brought on him, and declares upon him the strongest condemnation.

      • (Continuation of my reply)


        It is a Posuk in Tehilim, chapter, 97, verse 10: “Ohavei Hashem, Sinu Ra!” – “The ones who love Hashem, hate evil!” Hashem actually commands us to HATE evil.

      • (Continuation of my reply)

        By the way, it is probably not possible for us to know exactly what our great-grandparents did, but if you consider further back, starting with even only two or three generations before them, when our great-great-great . . . . grandparents went to “the doctor,” that was a doctor who treated them with herbs & minerals and other natural healing techniques. That is the way that medicine had been for almost all of human history.

        The modern “medicines” of new man-made concoctions of synthetically formed highly toxic substances, which are really harmful to the patient, are just that — modern! They are the “new boys” on the block, who first came relatively recently about a century and a half ago. In the early 1900’s, they got a gigantic boost with the gigantic influx of big $$$$$$$ from the Rockefeller and Carnage Foundations, which thus manipulated the medical profession to this new synthetic chemical way. So, the “new boys on the block” took over the block and brutally shoved all the previous residents out!

        However, despite the endless heavy-handed efforts to eradicate Natural Healing Medicine, Boruch Hashem, the Natural Healing world has had numerous dramatic comebacks and is expanding rapidly.

      • (Continuation of my reply)

        Of course, we also keenly know what our Torah HaK’dosha also teaches us that EVERYTHING in this physical world must be utilized for its proper spiritual purpose.

        Of course, there is quite tremendously more of even physical life than a car and a house. I mentioned those two as they obviously are super-big-ticket items, with which a person has a very high degree of independence. (And, any significant degree of independence is, evidently, something that the promoters of the endless lockdowns do not want people to have.)

        The issue of a dwelling though, whether a house or an apartment, is severely serious, for people absolutely MUST have a place where they can live!! If, Chas V’Shalom, they become so monetarily destitute — which endless lockdowns would certainly well accomplish — that they cannot maintain their own houses, AND they cannot even pay the monthly rent for even a tiny one-room studio apartment, AND there is no place for them to turn for any help, for all their friends and all the charities and all the homeless shelters are ALSO totally destitute, what are they going to do???????

        Sleep on a park bench??????? Lay down on a sidewalk???????

        Trying to “live” out on the city’s streets is exceedingly of exceedingly dangerous. Just the constant direct outside exposure to the elements of extreme heat or extreme cold can easily be deadly. Constantly staying staying out on the street makes a person vulnerable to attacks from roaming criminals. With endless scores of homeless people encamped out near each other on the street — with all their piled-up garbage and human waste — all kinds of horrid deadly diseases will develop and spread.

        But, as I further elaborate in my next comments on the article, that masses of people will die — THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WICKED CABAL WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. (Continuation of my remark)

    That, Chas V’Shalom, we would then completely use up all our saved money and would be utterly destitute and would not even have money to buy food and would become weak and sick and incapacitated and die from starvation — THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT!!

    Many of them have openly stated that (in their view) the “biggest problem” facing the world today is that there are “too many” people!! And therefore, the most important, “urgent” task that we have, is to figure out some way to get the world population number down — WAY DOWN.

  8. (Continuation of my remark)

    If you are ever planning to take a trip to the south-eastern region of the United States, you may want to include in your itinerary a visit to a certain “Landmark.” It is located out in the countryside of the north-eastern part of the state of Georgia, in the county of Elbert, which is situated along the Georgia-South Carolina state line. From the city of Atlanta to the place is about a 90 mile drive.

    The landmark is called the “Georgia Guidestones,” as it is comprised of five huge 16 feet 4 inches tall standing slabs of granite with a large 9 foot 8 inches long granite capstone laying on top. It thus looks a little bit like the super famous/super mysterious monument called “Stonehenge” in Wiltshire, England, which is a gigantic circle of huge 13 feet high standing stones, a few of which have large cross-stones laying on top. It is thus nicknamed the “American Stonehenge.”

    On the faces of the four standing stones, there is engraved in eight different languages — one language on each of the eight faces — ten “guidelines” for the peoples of world to adhere to.
    This is the first one:

    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

    This first one is complemented by the tenth one:

    “Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.”

    In other words, in order to always keep this (supposed) necessary “balance” of “humanity” and “nature,” and so that humanity will never be “a cancer on the earth” and, instead, there will always be “room” left “for nature,” there must always be LESS than one half a billion people in the world.

    [Information is from the Wikipedia (dot) org website entry on the topic.]

    Now, in 1980, when this monument was officially publicized, the population of the world was a bit less than four and a half billion people (4,458,003,514 official count); right now, in 2020, it is a little more than seven and three quarters billion people (7,794,798,739 official count).

    [Statistics are from the worldometers (dot) info website at the section “World Population by Year”]

    Again, when the monument opened in 1980, the count was just under four and a half billion people — that was almost NINE TIMES as many as the less than half a billion “allowed.” Today in 2020, the count is over seven and three quarters billion people — that is well over FIFTEEN TIMES as many as the less than half a billion “allowed.”

    So, the actual population of the world was in 1980 and certainly is now in 2020 many, many times more than the much, much smaller number of the “allowance” that the holy, holy, holy Guidestones “allow.” Yet the stones clearly state, that this much smaller number IS ALL that they “allow”!! Yet, the reality is that the world’s population is many times more than that!! Yet, again, the stones clearly state, that this smaller number IS ALL that is “allowed”!!

    So, as the stones clearly state this, evidently, the people who are behind the writing of these stones HAVE A HOPE AND MAYBE EVEN A PLAN that all of the “extra” “not-allowed” people — which is MANY, MANY BILLIONS of people — will somehow be “eliminated”!!



    The Aseres HaDibros – The Ten Commandments of our Torah HaK’dosha state: “Lo Sirtzach” – “Thou Shalt Not Kill”!!

    Yet, L’Havdil Alef Alafim Havdalos – with infinite separation, these evil “Ten Commandments” of these evil “Guidestones” state, in the very first one: “Thou SHALT kill”!!


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