Fauci’s Anti-Trump Barbs Undermine His COVID Messaging At A Crucial Time

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Anthony Fauci has made it clear that defeating the coronavirus pandemic will require buy-in from everyone. Yet he’s spent the past two weeks positioning himself as an adversarial figure to tens of millions who still support former President Donald Trump.

It was no secret that Fauci and Trump didn’t get along. But Fauci at least made the effort to remain professional while working with the Trump administration, urging news media not to create a rift between him and the former president that could affect millions of people’s health decisions. Now, however, he has dropped the act. He openly disparaged Trump during his first press conference with the Biden administration and has taken the opportunity to criticize him in every media interview since.

Anyone who took the time to read the many magazine covers Fauci appeared on this past year, or watch the daily coronavirus press briefings he headlined, knows he was free to speak his mind. So, it seems Fauci’s point about feeling liberated was really just a reference to his newfound ability to criticize Trump without consequence. He’s already putting it to good use: In a matter of days, he accused the former president of launching a “chilling” pressure campaign against him, repeating “complete garbage” about the coronavirus, and trying to throw him “in the middle of a very contentious political battle,” all of which he found “really very infuriating.”

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  1. He is a back stabber – shame on him. Now he wants us to wear 2 (or even 3!!!!) masks – wonder which mask companies he has a financial interest in? And pooh poohing hydroxychloroquine when it was the only therapeutic available early in the pandemic and which drug did help. Just because it was pennies to purchase and not the more expensive ones he was promoting who knows how many Americans died as a result of his greediness promoting other drugs he has a financial interest in. See last week’s NY Post regarding his work in the wuhan laboratory when obama had not allowed this type of research because it was so dangerous and he got around it. Leave it to biden to hire this guy – another 80 year old whose time has come

  2. Back in April when there were rumors that Trump was going to fire Fauci, I was appalled that Trump would consider doing such a thing. Now in hindsight I wish he would have

  3. Mr. Fauci is special. But the hypnotic edge of reality should be more than a share of butt wit during a stamina of open pandemic. Who more does this hurt than the GOP and its plans to its own health.



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