FBI Can’t Get Past Texas Shooters Phone Encryptions


The phone used by the gunman who stormed into First Baptist Church on Sunday killing 26 people, including an 18-month-old and an unborn child, has been recovered and turned over to the FBI — but encryption technology is preventing officials from accessing it, authorities said Tuesday.

FBI Special Agent in charge Christopher Combs said the phone Devin Patrick Kelley used to call his father during a high-speed chase after the rampage at the church has been sent to the FBI Academy in Quantico.

“Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are unable to get into that phone,” Combs told reporters.


Read more at Fox News.



  1. Liar liar. All lies. I see the CORRUPT FBI is being controlled by the minions Obama/Holder put in there. Dumping the lurch James Comey did nothing. We saw the same hewey after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. The FBI can and does get into any phone they please. With the help of the corrupt NSA, they constantly listen in on private conversations of law abiding taxpayers! They are constantly monitoring American citizens, even this comment I’m leaving on Matzav.com right now. They track everyone’s cookies to see where we click. The corrupt government/FBI is spying on us 24/7. So dont give us this crap that “they can’t get into the killers phone”. Are the couch potatoes in this Country that stupid and brainwashed?!

  2. Who cares? He is dead. What could it be in that phone which is worth the time and effort?

    Perhaps it would be more costructive to find out who made the mistakes that allowed that sick lowlife to purchase weapons, which the current laws in Texas did not allow. Once those people are forced to take responsability, perhaps their colleagues will be less sloppy.


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