FBI: Fort Lauderdale Gunman Traveled to City ‘Specifically to Carry Out Attack’

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The suspected gunman in Friday’s deadly shooting spree at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport traveled to the city “specifically to carry out this horrific attack,” the FBI said at a press conference today. Miami FBI Special Agent George Piro said investigators were still trying to make sense of the attack, which left five dead and at least eight injured on Friday.

“We have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack,” Piro was cited as saying by CNN. Earlier reports had suggested that the suspect, Esteban Santiago, had opened fire after getting into an argument with fellow passengers. But Piro has now said those reports were false and there was no evidence of any altercations. While Santiago has been described as suffering from mental issues in numerous reports, Piro said terrorism has not yet been ruled out. Santiago was not on any government no-fly list and he appeared to have acted alone, Piro said. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said the attack could have been much worse if police had not responded as quickly as they did. An officer made contact with the shooting within 70-80 seconds of the first shot being fired, he said. Santiago was booked into Broward County Jail overnight and is being held on murder charges. Read more at the PALM BEACH POST.


  1. travelling to a city to SPECIFICALLY carry out a murder (s) would be translated as nothing less than PREMEDITATED MURDER and therefore the punishment should be death or at the very least life imprisonment without parole, right? but, in light of the fact that we live in an extremely liberal society i’m willing to bet you that he’ll get away with it. i just saw news reports that his brother is claiming that he was traumatized in iraq and that the US is responsible for what happened at the airport on friday. hopefully with Mr Trump at the wheel things will change for the better in this country.

  2. It is almost like fort Hood they will call it either disgruntled employee, or mental illness, etc., etc. never terrorism. It appears no one seems to pay attention to anyone who is acting strangely. It is also interesting where they strip search 90year olds in wheel chair for guns or explosives. Next government rule cannot open luggage until you leave the airport because of this person, waiting to see.


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