FBI Investigating After Federal Judge’s Son, Husband Shot

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A gunman opened fire at the home of US District Court of New Jersey Esther Salas on Sunday in North Brunswick, killing her son and injuring her husband, according to the federal courthouse’s top judge.

Daniel Anderl, a 20-year-old student at Catholic University, has died, and Mark Anderl, the judge’s husband and a defense attorney, was injured, according to Chief Judge Freda Wolfson. Salas was unharmed, Wolfson said.
Both the US Marshals and FBI are investigating the shooting and working to find the suspected gunman. Initial reports from law enforcement said Daniel Anderl opened the door with his father right behind him. The door opened to a hail of gunfire and the gunman fled, a law enforcement source said.
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  1. Main part of the story missing: it was a few days after she was assigned a case that was connected with Jeffrey Epstein. One guess who’s behind it.

  2. no surprise there–black lives matter; white lives dont. and if, by some remote chance, the shooter is found, he will be released without bail and no one will even wonder why he doesnt show up for trial

  3. This sounds like a thriller novel. In all likelihood The guy was caught and blackmailed and decided to take matters into his own hands. We’ve read this story before.

  4. They are pinning it on a “man’s rights” activist who had threatened the judge earlier. He has conveniently shot himself (twice) in the (back of the) head already, so case probably closed. Although both her parents are Latino, the judge’s father–and possibly her husband–is Jewish so that cancels out whatever sympathy her being Hispanic might have brought.


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