FBI Investigating Hunter Emails for Foreign Interference

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A New York tabloid’s puzzling account about how it acquired emails purportedly from Joe Biden’s son has raised some red flags. One of the biggest involves the source of the emails: Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani has traveled abroad looking for dirt on the Bidens, developing relationships with shadowy figures, including a Ukrainian lawmaker who U.S. officials have described as a Russian agent and part of a broader Russian effort to denigrate the Democratic presidential nominee.

Yet Giuliani says foreign sources didn’t provide the Hunter Biden emails. He says a laptop containing the emails and intimate photos was simply abandoned in a Delaware repair shop and the shop owner reached out to Giuliani’s lawyer.

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  1. What you don’t say? They may be fake! I can’t believe it! At least we have Hillary’s email being released, her chances for being elected 2020 does not look good. What do you say? Obama didn’t spy on Trump’s campaign, the unmasking wasn’t treasonous, Bill Barr you haven’t tried hard enough. What? Chris Christie having spent a week getting the best of care for his irresponsibility thinks he was wrong about not wearing a mask. What a snow flake.

    • Textbook FSB Rudy and Bannon are both going to need a Pardon. NYP writers did not want to put their names to the article. It is red meat for trump supported thankfully the rest of America are putting country over party.

  2. its all fake news Biden would Never Ever be involved in Corruption hes so straight and honest it must be Right wing fake news


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