FBI Looking For Tech to Foil Fingerprint Obliteration

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The FBI wants artificial intelligence tools that can ID people with burnt, cut or otherwise altered fingerprints.

For decades, the practice of altering fingerprints has helped wrongdoers evade the law, but today the FBI thinks artificial intelligence could help catch those especially ambitious offenders.

The bureau on Friday asked the tech industry to weigh in on how AI tools could detect altered fingerprints and match them to their unaltered counterparts in the Next Generation Identification System, the FBI’s massive biometric database.

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  1. Very simple…
    People should be registering their fingerprints through their phone app. They can be asked to enter this info when filling tax returns or when being released from hospital or changing jobs or getting a bank account…etc.
    Anyone who has a cut on a finger will still have it when he sends in his updated finger prints.

    And govt will keep all the versions and compare old with new ones.


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