FBI Raids Pennsylvania Nursing Home Where Hundreds Contracted Coronavirus

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The FBI and investigators from the Pennsylvania Attorney’s general office raided a nursing home where hundreds of residents and staff members were diagnosed with coronavirus on Thursday, according to WPXI in Pittsburgh.

A search warrant was executed against Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center northeast of Pittsburgh, according to Scott Brady, U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania’s Western District.

Investigators also searched Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center near Pittsburgh.

According to the Pennsylvania health department, 447 Brighton residents and staff members tested positive for coronavirus, including 73 deaths.

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  1. Hundreds of residents and staff members were diagnosed with coronavirus. What symptoms? Headaches? Diarrhea? Flu? Pneumonia? Terrorist attack?
    What in the world has raiding a nursing home have to do with a medical sickness? Why does the FBI have to be involved with hundreds being diagnosed with a medical sickness??????????????????????????????????????

  2. Are they saying that there’s a DUMB, a tunnel, they’ve discovered under the nursing home like in Central Park and other places in the US? Apparently this coronavirus is going on for centuries, and finally, thanks to President Trump, is being cleansed and eradicated worldwide for the benefit of humanity.

  3. Pls reword this: hundreds of residents and staff members were diagnosed with coronavirus on Thursday
    to stop conveying that they just got sick in the last 72 hrs

  4. So, the FBI is now helping these four governors cover up their murder of 50,000 old and sick people. The governors of NY, NJ, Pennsylvania and Michigan purposely murdered all these old people. Now the FBI is helping them blame the nursing homes and forcing them into silence.

    Sick, sick, sick!

  5. When so many test positive it’s always good to get a second set of test from a different lab to ensure that these aren’t false positives.
    Time and again when suddenly a large group tests positive it’s been shown to be false positives that all came from the same laboratory.

  6. I know the details of this situation and it makes me sick.
    The government gave them instructions every step of the way with threats of penalties if they didn’t listen. They protested the Department of Health’s ridiculous suggestions but to no avail. This includes not moving patients who were infected to a separate designated COVID unit like was done everywhere else.
    The state DOH knows the massive loss of life, whatever in fact was preventable, is on them. They’re anti Semitic and trying to take away attention for their mess up.
    It’s happening to varying degrees throughout the country. The department of healths in states did nothing to help and now are trying to paint the evil nursing homes as the bad guys.


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