FBI Translator Married ISIS Terrorist


An FBI translator assigned to investigate an ISIS terrorist went rogue and married the ISIS operative, CNN reported Monday. The translator, Daniela Greene, had top-secret security clearance and was assigned to investigate Denis Cuspert, a German rapper who began producing recruitment videos for ISIS, including one in which he held a severed human head.

Greene was already married when she was assigned to investigate Cuspert in January 2014, according to court records reviewed by CNN. But by June, she had made plans to travel to Syria, under the guise of visiting her parents in Germany. Instead of flying to Germany, she traveled to Syria, where she married Cuspert.

Shortly after the marriage, Greene appeared to regret her decision, writing in an email that “I really made a mess of things this time.” She escaped Syria and returned to the U.S., where she was charged and convicted of making false statements involving international terrorism. She was sentenced to two years in federal prison, and was released in summer 2016. Her two-year sentence was considerably less than those of many other Americans who attempted to join ISIS. Read more at CNN.



  1. We all make mistakes. Bubalah don’t zoreg to much. You did your time. Your not to blame I have heard that isis/isle/islam may be attractive and luring but remember teshuva door is always open.

  2. She married this terrorist while already married to someone else? Boy, what a mess! Now she’ll tell the world how moslems treat their wives.

  3. Don’t tell me nobody in the FBI knew what team she was cheering for. With all these islamonazis being declared protected by the politically “correct” crowd, everyone is afraid to be branded as a bigot for questioning the islamonazi loyalty.

    • We all know that besides being totally corrupt, James Comey is a politically correct duffus still being bossed around by Barack Obama.


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