FDA Gives Green Light To Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday cleared the nation’s second coronavirus vaccine, giving additional hope that the end of the pandemic could be in sight.

The official emergency use authorization for the Moderna vaccine comes after an agency advisory panel voted 20-0 in favor of the vaccine Thursday.

The authorization now allows the Trump administration to begin shipping nearly 6 million doses of the vaccine across the country.

Once a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) panel meets and votes this weekend, vaccinations will be allowed to begin.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. (I will repost here the three part remark I posted at an earlier report of this development as it is quite important for readers to see.)

    Of the several proposed Covid Vaccines that the pharmaceutical giants produced, this one, from the company Moderna, is certainly the worst one. For it utilizes a structure and a method of working that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from that of all of the myriads of vaccines that have existed until now. To say it extremely briefly and simply, this new product of Moderna works by CHANGING AROUND THE ACTUAL DNA ESSENCE of the recipient. When a person’s DNA essence is changed, that means that he is really now NOT the same person and not even anymore truly a human being!! Now being artificially formed into something “else,” he can be “patented” and “owned” by the people who re-formed him. But who is this “entity” who reformed him and thus now owns him??????? The company Moderna??????? The FDA??????? The AMA??????? The United States Government??????? The United Nations???????

  2. (Continuation)

    Furthermore, one of the items contained in this totally new super-hyper-high-tech vaccine is what is termed “Nano Chip Technology.” This means that there is there — now imbedded in the person’s vaccinated arm — a tiny computer piece by which, when the person passes his arm over a special computer receptor, his vaccine status will be observed and verified. Also, by means of this now imbedded tiny computer piece, which is constantly giving off radio signals, the person will be able to be constantly tracked by other people who are looking at their computers that are receiving those signals.


    Robot-like-non-humans who are owned by and being constantly followed around and watched by wicked operatives of tyrant government officials of tyrant dictatorship governments???????

  3. (Continuation)

    As this Moderna vaccine product is such an entirely new production, which was NEVER done before in human history and which causes such excessive of excessive hyper-radical changes to occur in the person, you would think that before it was released to the market, it developers would run exceedingly numerous exhaustive tests on it to fully make sure that everything with it was working exactly properly and to fully check out and see what are all the effects that this has on the recipients MANY YEARS AFTER they have taken it. This though, was not done at all; on the contrary, the vaccine’s development was heavily rushed with many whole phases of crucial tests — which are normally required for FDA approval of ANY medical product — being omitted.

    In tests that were done, ALL of the participants experienced significant serious adverse reactions upon taking its second dose.


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