FDA Moves to Drastically Lower Nicotine in Cigarettes  

The Food and Drug Administration announced today that it is looking to issue a new product standard that would dramatically lower nicotine in cigarettes “to minimally or non-addictive levels,” as part of an effort to slash smoking rates.
In a statement, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the agency aims to explore the role of nicotine in “combustible cigarettes,” and has issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking ahead of its effort, which would establish “several foundational rules, guidances, product standards, and other regulations.”
If the lower nicotine standard was put in place, the FDA claims “approximately 5 million additional adult smokers could quit smoking within one year of implementation.” The agency specifically mentioned regulations surrounding e-cigarettes and that two additional notices would be coming: one to explore the health effects flavors have on tobacco products, and another to explore the regulation and data surrounding cigars. The FDA also said it would jump-start new research on “safe and effective medicinal nicotine-replacement products.” Read more at the FDA.


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