Photos – Gridlock: FDR Drive Shut Down in Both Directions After Shooting of NYPD Officer Who Dies From Wounds

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fdr 2[Multiple updates and photos below.] 9:20 p.m. EST:New York – An NYPD police officer has been shot on East 120th Street in East Harlem, near the FDR Drive, which has been shut down in both directions.

A reporter is on scene, reporting that he was driving south on the FDR when he witnessed NYPD officers running across the roadway toward the East River at about 9 p.m. Within minutes, the roadway was shut down completely, with our reporter right out front.

The injured officer was taken to Harlem Hospital. His condition isn’t yet known.

A source tells that the officer was shot on the FDR Drive South and the perpetrators then ran across the roadway to the FDR Drive North, leading to a chase involving hundreds of officers, with helicopters flying overhead. A gun-toting perp was driving a bicycle. Our reporter witnessed a female police take him down after shooting him. The second perp is still at large.

The FDR Drive is closed in both directions between 120th Street and 125th Street. The road may remain closed until the early morning, sources say. Drivers are being urged to expect extensive delays and consider alternate routes.

Those on the roadway near the scene are now stuck, unable to go anywhere. The highway is completely cordoned off.

The shooting occurred near the near the Robert Wagner Houses at 112th Street and First Avenue.

A police officer told on condition of anonymity that the shooter, after being apprehended, was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Update, 11:19 p.m.: The NYPD officer who was shot in the head tonight has died from his wounds. The officer took a bullet to the forehead as he and other officers chased the perp, who was riding a bicycle, at about 8:45 p.m.

He died at Harlem Hospital.

The chase began at East 102nd Street and FDR Drive.

Mayor Bill de Blasio rushed from Gracie Mansion during a function for the Gracie Mansion Conservancy after hearing of the shot officer.

Update: The police officer has been identified as 33-year-old Randolph Holder. Holder’s family is from Guyana, where his father and grandfather were both police officers.

“We’re all in mourning. The whole city is in mourning,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference.

“We just had the unfortunate responsibility to tell a father his son is never coming home,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch. Police Chief Bill Bratton said this is the fourth police officer death in the last 11 months, and that’s “as bad as it gets.”

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  1. I think the police dept. should practice restraint and not escalate the situation with any more provocations. If we are to live in peace with the criminals and thugs, we must learn how to unite and respect one another.

  2. I think it the height of police brutality that a police officer would damage an innocent person’s bullet with his flesh. They should have first taken a picture of the crook with their video camera, not stopped or frisked him, and then asked him in a respectful fashion to surrender.

  3. If this is how the U.S. reacts to the shooting of a policeman, how can the U.S. media accuse Israel of over-reacting when a soldier is shot?

  4. This is very sad to here. Please note the helicopters, boats, sirens rang for hours. Cops were cursing drivers out via loud speaker for failing to pull over on a shut down high way. The police are intolerant to hysterical families…I’m not sure why their reaction is deemed ok when victim’s families reactions are not. I am not blaming cops, it is quite understandable to be upset but the same latitude should be given victims families at crime scenes.

  5. Why is the highway closed if the suspect’s been caught? Why are hundreds of people stuck on a highway? Why are thousands and thousands of working people unable to get to their jobs? Why are teachers prevented from getting to their schools and kids sitting in auditoriums?

    If police react the same way when one of their own murders an innocent citizen they’re supposed to protect, they would earn more respect from the general population (rather than the racists on this site).

  6. I totally agree with the above two comments, this situation is not being handled very well. I was on the FDR last night – cars were not moving. Cops were trying to pass by – really??? You are not going to get very far, just like the rest of us. Cops yelled at me to move to the left, I couldnt’ – there was a car in front of me.. They again yelled for me to the left so I stuck out my hand, and motioned that I couldn’t, and to wait… DUMB !!! and seriously todays traffic left me speechless – took me 3 1/2 hours to get to work; normally 1 hr tops in heavy traffic.. I see the cops blocked off t2nd avenue, while there is NO POLICE ACTION in progress. why do this to the public. TIME IS MONEY and MY TIME IS PRECIOUS. cops and nyc handled this very pathetically. Do I feel sorry for what happened. no comment on that.


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