Fear the Beard: Yankees Don’t Make Signing Because of Facial Hair

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brian-wilsonHow much is your facial hair worth to you?

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman had shown interest in Brian Wilson, the former Giants closer – known for his voluminous and unkempt beard- as a replacement for the recently retired Mariano Rivera. But there’s just one problem: The Yankees have a decades-old, very strict facial hair policy, which requires neatly groomed mustaches and no hair below the lip.

According to Wilson’s agent, the bearded closer has stated that he won’t shave it off. Period.

Cashman’s response? “Cross him off the list.” Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Great post Matzav, finally hooking up the boys. If you can post politics, I don’t see what the big deal is with posting sports every so often.
    tvinla (I can’t even pronounce your name)- you must feel pretty stupid that matzav actually printed your post.
    Agav, I just don’t feel Brian Wilson is what he once was as a closer. Whatever happens, Mariano isn’t replaceable.

  2. I will tell you, number one, why this post belongs on matzav. It is a mussar haskeil.

    What Mr. Cashman is teaching us is that one should not compromise on seemingly insignificant issues in pursuit of the larger good. The Yankees’ bans on facial hair (Reggie had to shave his beard when he came over from the A’s), long hair (Johnny Damon had to trim his locks), and visible tattoos (AJ Burnett, more or less) create an ambiance that Yankee management deems important in the chase for championships.

    Moshol lemah hadavar domeh: It is known in certain yeshivos that if you came to davening without a hat and jacket, the mashgiach would send you back to the dorm to get them. Aye, you might miss tefilah betzibur? Too bad. But isn’t tefillah betzibur more important? Not the point.

    The point is you have to be mindful, and remind those around you as well, of “Da lifnei mi atah omeid.” Coming to davening – or, lehavdil, in the case of the Yankees, to the Stadium – without the proper koved rosh is a non-starter.

    Especially if you’re a closer.

  3. i understand #1 because the matzav only posts jewish news and political news and sometimes other things but never sports and yes growing up in lkwd it does feel funny reading this on matzav


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