FEC: Kamala Harris Owes $1M From Unsuccessful Presidential Bid

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Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s new running mate, has yet to pay a debt of more $1.1 million that she accumulated from an unsuccessful 2020 presidential run, according to the Federal Election Commission.

The California senator brought in roughly $39 million in fundraising during her bid in 2019 and spent $40 million. After her campaign ended, it had only $116,380 in the bank by the end of June.

Last December, Harris stopped her campaign once her numbers fell and fundraising dried up.

By the end of June, the campaign owed $523,883 to international law firm Perkins Coie LLP and $160,702 to private security company TorchStone Global LLC.

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  1. no problem – Hunter & Joe Biden will teach her how to get the money very easy – either from Ukraine or from taxpayers cache…………………

    • This goes to show that Mrs. Harris is a crook and shouldn’t be allowed to become the Vice President of anything. The DNC controlled media refused to do any vetting of this individual. Let her rich priviliged WHITE Jewish husband pay off her bills.


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