Felder Appointed To Chair Newly-Created NYC Education Sub Committee

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felderSenator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) has been appointed by Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos to head the new Sub-Committee on New York City Education, as well as the Children and Families Committee. Felder has made education reform a key focus of his legislative agenda. According to the Senate rules, “any bill referenced to the Education Committee whose subject matter shall solely impact education matters in New York City” will be referred to the sub-committee.

“I am gratified that Senator Skelos has appointed me to chair this sub-committee,”said Felder. “All New York City schools and children are facing unique educational challenges which demand and deserve creative and innovative solutions. I am confident that together with my Senate colleagues, we will identify and implement positive changes for over one million students who are counting on us.”

Felder has laid out a bold agenda for the sub-committee, including working on easing the tuition crisis and transportation concerns for parochial and private school families; improving the graduation rate of public school students; and addressing issues of safety and mental health in our city’s schools.

As chair of the Children and Families Committee, Felder plans to push forward legislation relating to affordable day care and youth programs and other vital protective and preventative services. “I am committed to ensuring that our city’s children and families have a strong foundation,” Felder said. “I believe it is the responsibility of government to strengthen families which are struggling or require intervention. I intend to devote my full energies to securing a better and brighter future for those who most need support – the children and families of New York State.”

Felder is also serving as a member on the Aging; Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business; Health and Mental Health committees.

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