Felder Backs Trump On Stop and Frisk


Reacting to the recent bombing in New York City, the discovery of pipe bombs in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the subsequent capture of suspects in Brooklyn and New Jersey, Senator Simcha Felder—a newly appointed member of the NY State Senate Majority Task Force on Counter Terrorism and Public Protection—complimented law enforcement on their work but had strong words condemning not just the acts of terrorism but the curtailing of law enforcement that allows terrorists to thrive.

“The elimination of stop-and-frisk; the removal of permission to monitor facilities and gatherings where terrorists are likely to congregate—these were mistakes that should be corrected,” said Senator Felder. “New York will remain a principal target for terrorism; however the practical and psychological beat down of our police is a recipe for disaster. Taking away tools that are proven effective weakens professional law enforcement’s ability to limit crime.”

The New York State Senate Majority Task Force on Counter Terrorism and Public Protection’s mission is to review and report on the counter terrorism / public protection activities that have occurred since September 11, 2001, and to make findings and recommendations—including proposing future legislative and administrative actions—that will promote the improved public safety of all New Yorkers.



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