FEMA Is Almost Out of Cash, With Hurricane Irma About to Strike

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is quickly depleting its disaster-relief funding, with Category 5 Hurricane Irma heading toward Florida. “FEMA is scheduled to run out of money by Friday, just two days before Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida,” Sens. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio said this week, in a joint statement.

“Unfortunately, the current disaster-relief package Congress is considering for Hurricane Harvey doesn’t account for the additional costs FEMA will likely incur as a result of Hurricane Irma.” The devastation Harvey wreaked over the last two weeks in Texas ate up billions of dollars of the funding, dropping it to $1.01 billion Tuesday. Read more at NBC NEWS.



  1. Good thing we budget so much to the military. The new Air Force planes will come in very handy. Need better government minds. Sinking cities are pretty real.



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