Female Marines Not Required To Do 1 Pull-Up

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pullupFemales in the Marine Corps currently are not required to do even a single pull-up, and a deadline mandating that by Jan. 1, 2014, they be able to do at least 3 pull-ups as part of their training has been delayed for at least a year, the Corps quietly announced on social media.

Unlike their female counterparts, male Marines have long been required to do at least 3 pullups as part of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). That’s the minimum requirement for males.

Female Marines are required, however, to do a flexed-arm hang from a bar, and their PFT score is calculated based upon how long they can properly hang on the bar.

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  1. There is no useful function for women in the combat military. Those who promote this are either delusional or traitors working to destroy the military capacity of their country.

  2. Female marines have nothing to do with athletic fitness but rather with political correctness as well as serving another purpose which will have to be left to your imagination.


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