Female Soldiers Left Behind Overnight As Commander Forgets About Them

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A group of five female IDF soldiers were left behind in the field overnight with no radios, cellular phones, or other communication devices, after battalion commanders forgot them following an operation in the Jordan Valley near the border with Jordan.

While making their way back to the base, the five soldiers were chased by the gang of Palestinians who managed to steal three of the soldiers’ helmets. The soldiers eventually drew their weapons to drive off the attack and eventually made contact with their commander who brought them back to base.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the incident, which occurred at the beginning of last week, is under investigation.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Israel is the only country in the world that enlists women (now that N. Korea stopped it). Not that they need the women in the army because they have too many soldiers as it is and keep sending them home. This is just to spite Hashem and His Torah. For no other reason. And this is the only reason they’re forcing yeshiva boys into the army even though they’re not needed.

  2. The story lacks details, it seems five female victims, who were apparently on foot, were being chased by two motor vehicles (that is another way of saying the Palestinians were trying to run them over) presumably driven by males.
    I’d say 5 counts of attempted murder are in order.

  3. Being out at night without communication devices in foreign territory is part of routine and reserve training. There really is no reason to have female soldiers in combat since they just can’t compete with terrorists, who are usually male. With the Israeli Supreme Court’s ridiculous rulings against firing at terrorists, these soldiers (the same thing could happen with male soldiers) were afraid to fire when they should have. Time to stop both draft of female soldiers, especially in combat units, and tying soldiers’ and civilians’ hands behind their back in self-defense: they are anti Torah and anti logic.

  4. No – the news report said that the soldiers didn’t know how to use their weapons so instead of fighting back, they had to run away. Very impressive, the IDF.


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