Fifth Of Israelis In Poverty

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According to the 2021 report issued by the National Insurance Institute, 20% of Israelis (1.95 million people) fell below the poverty line established at $3,550 monthly for families with two to four children.

Over a quarter of Israeli households (26%) were unable to cover monthly expenses, 10.6% often couldn’t afford medical treatment, and 6.9% were unable to buy prescription drugs.

The report ranked Israel as having the second-highest poverty rate in the developed world after Costa Rica. Subjectively, 30.6% of men and 27.4% of women said they felt poor.

In the same year, Forbes and The Marker reported that Israel may have as many as 71 billionaires, giving it the second-highest number of billionaires per capita in the world.



  1. Israel’s leaders who think by sending financial aid to third world countries, countries hit by earthquakes and terrorist attacks or other mishaps, they will be looked up to.


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