Fifth Yahrtzeit of Rav Shmuel Berenbaum zt”l Marked

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rav-shmuel-berenbaumThe fifth yahrtzeit of the Mirrer rosh yeshiva, Moreinu Harav Shmuel Berenbaum zt”l, is today, 28 Teves. All are asked to increase their learning the day of the yahrtzeit l’illui nishmas the rosh yeshiva, who embodied ameilus baTorah and lived a life that was truly kulo Torah.

rav-shmuel-berenbaumLast night, a kinnus zikaron was held l’zecher nishmas Rav Refoel Shmuel ben Rav Aryeh Leib zt”l at the Mirrer Yeshiva bais medrash, located at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue R in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

In Lakewood, an asifas zikaron was held at Chevra Lomdei Torah, where divrei zikaron were delivered by Rav Meir Shimon Berenbaum, son of Rav Shmuel, and Rav Michel Handelsman, R”M in Mesivta of Lakewood.

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