Film On How Israeli Doctors Save Palestinian Girl

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Nili Tal’s new film, “Saving Nur,” follows a Gazan girl in need of a liver and kidney transplant. In it, Tal describes the tremendous medical treatment Nur received.

Dr. Elchanan Nachum, director of the pediatric ICU at Schneider [Children’s Medical Center], didn’t go to sleep at home with his wife and children when Nur’s life was in danger. The surgeon, Dr. Michael Gurevich, rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night to operate on her for the sixth time.

In one of the film’s peak moments, Nur’s mother Maha Hajj says that if her daughter should die following the liver transplant surgery, she would want her organs to be donated to Israelis first. Read more at Haaretz.

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  1. Bunch if dum leftists have u ever heard of ” lmaan sfos huruvu es hatzmea if there is an inyon of kiddish hashem that’s one thing but they will continue to hate u no matter what “kindness” u do for them

  2. To number 2 the idea of going out of your way to save a sonei yisroel(which is quite probably the reality) let the Arabs take care of her they are all suspect to murder Jews indiscriminately if given the chance

    • Anonymous have you ever been to an intensive care ward? Let alone a pediatric intensive care. Most human beings, and all Yidden with normal lineage, are very moved and feel overwhelmed by compassion for those on life support, if you ever saw that. I don’t know if this girl hates us, I sure hope not and I hope and wish she will grow up to be a righteous and healthy woman, but Yismael himself was healed.

  3. if we dont do this, we are k’chol hagoyim, chas v’shalom. my question: are we the only ones who see films like this? doesnt anyone else in the world see this? how come it doesnt make an impression on anyone?


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