Final Call: Will Every Family in Need Get Food from Tomchei Shabbos?



There are only two days left until Shavuos, yet over 1,000 local families cannot afford food. They are relying on Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood to be able to set the table and feed their children.

Will each family be able to get all the food they need?

It’s in your hands! TO HELP CLICK HERE!

After a record-shattering Pesach distribution, volunteers at the Tomchei Shabbos warehouse are preparing for the largest Shavuos distribution ever – as a result of the continued Coronavirus financial crisis. Tomchei Shabbos will be delivering fish, chicken, meat, wine, cheese, and everything else these families will eat over Shavuos.

But Tomchei Shabbos needs to be able to pay for all this…And the deliveries need to go out very soon…

The least we can do for these families is to make sure that their children will have food on Yom Tov. Please make sure that Tomchei Shabbos can get every delivery out – on time. They can only do it with your help!

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