FINALLY: Yeshiva and Seminary Students to Be Able to Return to Israel for Elul


The Israeli government has approved the entry of all yeshiva and seminary students into Israel starting Elul of this year, has learned.

This development is a result of a historic union of all schools from across the Orthodox religious spectrum, who came together on behalf of over 12,000 students.

Under the direction of Rabbi Nechemia Malinowitz, director of Eretz Hakodesh in Israel, and Rabbi Zechariah Greenwald, an Igud, or coalition, of over 150 mosdos from across the Orthodox religious world united in the interests of students in the Diaspora wishing to study in Eretz Yisroel.

The printed approval has not yet been released by the government, but yeshivos and seminaries are already planning to bring their talmidim and talmidos to Israel beginning at the end of August.

How students will travel to Israel is still undetermined. El Al Airlines has said that it is officially not flying during August, but the company CEO has stated that if there is demand, El Al will open up flights. Additional details will be released over the next weeks.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Yippee! Yes yes yes! I’m doing cartwheels in my dining room now! I am just delirious with simcha. Sorry Ma. I just knocked over the flower vase. Woohoo. Let me try some back flips now. Ouch.

  2. It’s a fact. I know the people who arranged it. I also recieved an email from Yagdil today that us Bachurim can return.

  3. Seeing is believing ! With what is going on now , how can they tell you what will be at the end of August ? Please do not purchase tickets yet !

  4. If anybody thinks this is a positive development doesn’t understand but if there is one breakout and one school the entire year goes down the drain can you imagine the panic that would sit in if the school has to shut down with two or three seminaries have to shut down. Who is honestly willing to send a child to a foreign country for $20,000 plus on the possibility that you may not even finish the entire year. It’s clear that this decision was made with economic factors not health

    • Stop the fear mongering. Most American Bochrim got covid long ago, and if they get it again – then what? So they’ll rest in bed for a week or two at worst with flu like symptoms and then back to normal. What the big deal?????

      • do you think no bochrim have undiagnosed preexisting conditions? are you willing to take the risk if potential deaths?

        • 10:14

          Not a bigger risk than all other life activities. Is it normal to allow an 18 year old to get a license? Of course it is. Is it risky? It most certainly is. Does that stop us from allowing it? No it does not!

          • the difference is that one is regulated and others want a free for all. so why take any precautions at all? you dont need to follow traffic lights let others follow them I dont need to. just throw away all social norms and laws that guarantee safety let the other guy worry about it!

      • That had got to be the stupidest comment here. That’s probably what the guy at the “covid party “ said when he won, got covid, won the money ..then died of covid at 31 yo. It’s not a flu!!!!

    • Actually, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch felt that it was of utmost importance for yeshivahs and seminaries to open this year.

  5. They know that certain aspects of the economy cannot survive without the thousands of student-tourists. They will open the seminaries and yeshivas no matter the infection rate in August.

    • But yet the stubborn government wont give tuition breaks for the American & European students who go there to learn. It’s the 1000’s of foreign students that come year after year and in doing so support the Israeli economy. Isn’t a little hakaras hatov in order???

      • 1:18 why should they give tuition breaks? do they give breaks to all other tourists who generate money? if your not happy with your purchasing choices you can send locally. beside the american bochrim most likely benefit indirectly from the money from the israeli government that goes to yeshivas.

    • So on the backs of our kids, the state wants to squeeze some gelt out before another outbreak causes mass panic. How charming

        • My kid was already in Israel but didn’t finish the program. He now in “galus”, he’s not there and not here. So let them squeeze some gelt. Our sanity and our kids sanity is worth it

          • So happy to hear that you’re finances are doing very well that you have 20 g’s to throw around…

            Some of us don’t have that level of security.

    • compare jewish student tourists with goyish tourists from around the world. who do you think spends more money overall?

  6. ”mefaresh” and ”anonymous” you are both obnoxious fools sitting there making stupid assumptions, while some askanim that actually care about yeshivah bochurim and their growth were working with the government who had absolutely no intention in allowing it at first, regardless of the so called economic factors which are far greater with the tourist industry and have yet to ease any restrictions there.
    so why don’t you fools give a thumbs up when due.

  7. The thinking may be, putting the economic factor aside, that most Americans will have antibodies: New Yorkers that is! And so the fear of infection at the Yeshivot and seminaries will not be so significant. Flawed, maybe! A theory nevertheless!

  8. they speaking about closing of the shuls during yomim noroim, and you tell me that buchrim can entrace the country???????

  9. This doesn’t change anything. How do we know the rules aren’t going to change again in 2 weeks? We still know exactly the same much as we knew before this announcement -Zilch.

  10. And when will they report today’s announcement from the Israeli airport authority restricting non israeli’s until September 1st.

  11. for anybody thinking about seminary or yeshiva in EY , check out Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky’s podcasts on this subject. podcasts 67, 68, 69, 71, 72, 73. can also be found on youtube.

  12. Baruch Hashem. We cant be locked up anymore. It doesn’t help. The corona will be waiting for us when we come out. We have to face it and who ever gets sick… gets sick. Whoever dies.. dies. We cant stop life as we know it because people will die. Sometimes sacrifice is necessary. The population of Israel doesn’t need to suffer because 0.004 percent of the population is going to die. The economy will be destroyed if we don’t re open and the consequences of that will be 10x worse than Corona. What would you rather have? A scenario where corona is rampid and the economy is horrible and the whole country is in poverty or everybody getting corona, some dying.. the whole country develops resistance and everybody have money to survive? Makes no sense to me. I got the corona , my dad and my dads cousin. They are in late 50’s and 70’s and they come out alive. Most people come out alive and even a symptomatic. I didnt even have a fever. Wake up people stop living in fear and do the smart thing and have Emunah in Hashem. Who ever is decreed to die will die anyways.

  13. I am a pediatrician in Monsey and I worked every day during the entire Covid scare. I can only speak for the pediatric population, NOT for adults. But during the entire quarantine, I saw in person only four pediatric patients with Covid. That’s right, four. One was a 4 month old baby with underlying kidney problems. One was a 10 year old boy with an underlying thyroid problem. Two were patients whose parents were unemployed with real financial stress who were actually coming into the office because they were HUNGRY as well as ill. So in other words, all four of them had ” preexisting conditions”. Also, I called all four in because I could hear in their Mom’s voices that the Mothers were ill with Covid. All four of those moms were short of breath and coughing when they called me. I knew they had Covid so I told the Moms to go to the adults side and get swabbed on the Covid van and I would see their kids. All four of those Moms were positive, very symptomatic, but only 1 of those four kids had a fever. The other three had mild sore throats and one had a cough. I sent all four of those kids home on Zithromax, Vitamin D and Tylenol. All four of them got better in a few days. I DID NOT SEE OR TREAT A SINGLE 18-19 YEAR OLD BOY OR GIRL WITH COVID OR COVID SYMPTOMS DURING THE ENTIRE QUARANTINE. Not one. So my opinion as a pediatrician practicing for 26 years, the kids should be able to go to Israel. BUT DO YOUR HISHTADLUS. If your child has underlying conditions, like a thyroid issue, diabetes or asthma or is for any reason medically fragile, DON’T SEND THEM. I also believe very strongly in Vitamin D, C and Zinc. I am taking them every day. My husband and kids are taking them every day. All of us got checked and we don’t have Covid and we don’t even have antibodies! None of us! My husband davens with a minion. He convinced 6 others to take Vitamin D every day, even before Covid. Three of them thought it was nonsense. All seven including my husband taking the Vitamin D did NOT get Covid. All three of them who didn’t take the Vitamin D got Covid, their family members got it, and they really suffered. The Vitamin C boosts your immunity against all viruses and the Zinc really protects against Covid and all viruses but it also helps protect against loss of taste and smell. You don’t need TOO much Vitamin C because you can get heartburn. But I take every day Vitamin D 5000 iu, but most anyone over 12 years can safely take 2000iu a day, Vitamin C 250 mg and Zinc 24 mg. Of course DO NOT TAKE these without checking with your own doctor and DON’T take them if you have kidney stones or if you know you don’t drink at least 64 oz of water a day. Also, I have asked every single one of my patient’s parents who either had Covid or their family members had it if they were taking Vitamin D at least 2000 iu a day, Vit C or Zinc. EVERY SINGLE ONE SAID NO. So I guess I am trying to send a message out to everyone. Yes, we suffered horribly from Covid. But life must go on. Have Bitachon in Hashem and do your HISHTADLUS!!!Take your vitamins!!! EVERY DAY!!! Drink your water! Exercise!! Don’t eat junk food! Daven! Make sure your child is in GOOD SHAPE, mentally, physically emotionally, get them to exercise, eat right and for goodness sake if they don’t want to take all three JUST TAKE THE STUPID VITAMIN D ALREADY!!!! If the school mandates masks, LET THEM WEAR THEM!!! If my daughter has the chance to go to seminary for a year and cry on the stones of the kotel wearing a mask, let her go!! BUT I know my daughter is taking her VIt D, C, ZInc every day, working our and our family was BH not hit with this thing. If your know your child is medically fragile and won’t take vitamins, won’t feel comfortable with a mask, DON’T SEND THEM. Sorry this is so long. But I do feel passionately about the virtues of good health, taking Vitamins and Bitachon in Hashem. IYH may Hashem protect us against a “second wave”, may we all do our parts by wearing the masks, social distancing but CONTINUING TO LIVE and giving our kids a change to experience their much needed Yeshivah/ Seminary year in Eretz Israel


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