FIRE HER NOW: Watch: Disgraceful View Co-Host Joy Behar Says President Trump is “The Culprit” for California Shul Shooting

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The View’s co-hosts reacted to the tragic San Diego shooting on pesach that killed one person and wounded three others. Six minutes into the clip below, co-host Joy Behar says that President Donald Trump is “the culprit” and is now facing calls from the public to be fired.


Video: Reel of News



  1. Who are these babbling Idiots? I guess people who have no life sit in front of their tv’s and watch these stupid women flap their lips about everything and anything without knowing what they’re talking about. They’re dumber than the new crop of Democrat Members of Congress!!! Hashem Yeracheim!! Is there a Brocho to say on seeing a really stupid person like the ones I just mentioned? ………..Shelo Osani Nincompoop?

  2. ‘One has to wonder as a thinking, rational person, if he means those words,’ says Don Lemon

    (Free Beacon) – A CNN panel questioned whether President Donald Trump’s condolences in the wake of a shooting on a California synagogue on Saturday were sincere.
    “I just wonder how much easier it would be for the president to set a tone if he just would maintain that tone,” former Congressional Black Caucus executive director Angela Rye said. “We talked already about, Lisa, the way that he campaigned. And I think at a time like this, we of course want to be united, of course we desire to be hopeful and to be supportive of allies and friends that I’m sure many of us all have. But it is very, very tricky to follow the tone of someone who, you know, regularly traffics in racism and fear-mongering and anti-immigrant sentiment, and all types of ways to further divide this country. So I hope that this moment is one that he uses to reset, period, not just when tragedy strikes.”
    Host Don Lemon jumped in saying he wanted “to give the president his due,” but questioned whether that was possible.
    “We want to give — on one hand you want to give the president his due, but when you consider the language that we have been discussing over the last couple of days, especially with Joe Biden getting into the race, what the president has said, making excuses, revisionist history about what happened in Charlottesville and on and on, one has to wonder as a thinking, rational person, if he means those words and if they ring hollow to Americans who have been looking for him to say those things and stay the course as Angela has said, instead of trafficking in bigotry, in racism, in anti-Semitism, in hate, and making excuses for us,” Lemon said.
    “I’m going to be real here, I’m not going to sit here and pretend, what do you have to say, what do you have to say, oh, let’s hear the president. I’m going to be real. How do we believe him? What should we believe?” Lemon asked.
    Ana Navarro said people should not believe him.
    “We all saw neo-Nazis with tiki-torches chanting ‘Jews will not replace us,’ that was precisely about anti-Semitism. We all saw and we all know that he didn’t say a word about the black churches. We all know that he didn’t say a word condemning Steve King, the congressman from Iowa. So it’s time after time after time after time. No, we don’t reconcile this,” Navarro said.
    “You want to believe it. You want to, but I just don’t know,” Lemon said.
    “We need to, but I don’t know that we can,” Rye added.
    One person died, and three people were injured during a shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, California on Saturday. The suspect, 19-year-old John Earnest, has been arrested, and authorities are investigating the matter as a possible hate crime.
    At a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, President Donald Trump condemned anti-Semitism.
    “We forcefully condemn the evil of anti-Semitism and hate, which must be defeated,” Trump said.

  3. Joyless has been an old useless prune for quite some time already. The only “people” who watch the View are those that wear adult diaper’s and munch on their JASA meals on wheels sitting on their couch in front of their TV.

  4. I don’t see any reason to file her specifically.

    Just another stupid comment that many liberal journalists (and non-journalists) would be proud to make.

    In one ear. Out the other.

  5. Where are these hypocrites on black terrorism? Because Fakestream media doesn’t report black terrorism like in Chicago where there are loads of it DAILY, does mean it doesn’t exist, hypocrites.

    The common thread is liberals who own guns. They’re the ones behind 99% of these assaults.

  6. Fire her??? For what??? She is allowed to voice her opinion. She actually was in middle of talking about free speech. Don’t listen to her show, but why fire her? because you don’t agree with her.

  7. Rod Rosenstein: Obama and Comey Ignored Russian Hacking
    The Daily Conspiracy Team
    “The chickens are finally coming home to roost,” according to the number 2 man at the Justice Department.
    In fact, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a few choice words in a private speech Thursday night regarding how former President Obama and former FBI Director Comey conducted themselves after learning about the Russian hacking.
    Rosenstein — who became embroiled within the Mueller investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions (remember him) recused himself, thus beginning the two year “witch-hunt” against the President — has apparently come full-circle with his assessment regarding Obama’s woeful inaction in confronting Russia and his decision “not to publicize the full story” to the American people

  8. For all those foolish posts here about “freedom of speech”, I respond that this simply a tit-for-tat call, for all the innumerable “right” wing media personalities who have been attacked and suspended if not completely fired for simply telling the facts. So freedom of speech also means calling to silence those who are calling to silence us.

  9. The only one who said anything of any value is McCain. The problem is the INTERNET.
    The shooter was a good kid from a good family, look what happened to him who is going to Censor the Internet like Facebook is Censoring conservatives and conservative posting. Joy Behar needs to be medicated, she is obsessed with Trump, she has bigger problems than meets the eye.



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