Fire Tears Through Lakewood Yeshiva, Sefer Torah Destroyed

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A fire tore through a Lakewood yeshiva building in the wee hours of Sunday morning, completely destroying the structure and a sefer torah inside.

The blaze began at around 3 AM at Yeshiva Chayei Olam on Faraday Ave., and by the time firefighters arrived on scene the entire structure was engulfed.

The yeshiva was on an “off Shabbos” and there were no occupants in the building at the time of the blaze.



  1. Three Yeshivos burned in one week. Belle Harbor, Far Rockaway and Lakewood. 2 Gedolei Yisroel niftar in one day during the same time period. Should we be declaring a Yom Tfillah??? Teshuva???

  2. Are they makpid to be silent during the entire davening? Are they careful to answer every bracha in chazaras hashatz and kaddish? I’m not singling out this particular Yeshiva but uluy maybe this is a message for all of the Bnei Torah tzibbur. As a recent turned avail/chiyuv, I find that when I daven for the Amud, I occasionally feel like I’m talking to myself. I don’t hear any barchu uvareich shimo/Amein’s asoivee mir darf zein. I hear shvacheh feedback. What is the olam doing? Learning? Looking in a sefer? Stam daydreaming? Keep the disingenuous hasmada for Licha Dodi. One shtark Amein yehai shimai raba can eradicate 70 years of gzaira rah r”l. B”H people do respond, but this is an area that needs tremendous chizuk.


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