First Case Of Coronavirus Reported In Israel

Spencer Fehrenbacher, 29, takes a selfie aboard a State Department-chartered airplane about to depart from Japan. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Spencer Fehrenbacher.

The first known case of coronavirus in Israel was reported Friday morning, after an Israeli passenger from the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess returned home to Israel.

Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed Friday that one of the eleven Israeli citizens who was returned home from Japan Thursday has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

“One of the passengers who returned home from the cruise ship in Japan tested positive in a checkup by the health ministry’s central laboratory,” the ministry said. The other ten Israelis were not infected.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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  2. Coronavirus is nothing but the regular flu and/or pneumonia. Why hasn’t anyone died of the flu this year? Answer: Because it got a fancier name in order for Big Pharma to force their deadly vaccinations and lethal medications onto the sheeple.


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