First English Biography of the Satmar Rov Released


satmar-rovFor the first time, a biography of the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, has been released in English. The book, The Rebbe: The Extraordinary Life & Worldview of Rabbeinu Yoel Teitelbaum, is written by Rabbi Dovid Meisels and published by Israel Bookshop.

The book brings you into the glorious court of Satmar, a flourishing Chassidic dynasty that is as intriguing as it is vibrant. How did their viewpoints appear on the international political arena? Andwho gave life to one of the largest Chassidic empires in the world? The visionary. The founder. The Rebbe.

In this well-researched and beautifully written biography produced by Rabbi Meisels, author of the popular Secrets series and a relative of the Rebbe, one meets a towering gadol, a manhig hador, the Satmar Rebbe, a triplicate of Torah, avodah and chessed, whose faith in the face of overwhelming adversity will uplift and inspire.

The 592-page book can be purchased here.



  1. an amazing book giving the new generation of a gadol hador.A must read whether your chassidish litvish sfard ashkenaz etc……..

  2. The Sefer Eidis B’Yosef was previously translated into English. It plains several hanhagos, minhagim, and halachos of the Rebbe. R’ Meisels has done an unprecedented job at presenting the teachings and world of Satamr to those of us who speak English and don’t come from that community.

  3. I am a Chosid of Chabad and read this new biography on the Satmar Rov Rabbenu Yoel zy”a with great interest..
    It was not only fascinating to read about the life and times of such a Tzaddik but it engergized ones Emunas HaShem.
    The Rebbeim of Chabad held some diametrically opposed views to the Shita which Rebbe Yoel zy”a based his life’s work.
    However we all the same commitment to the mission of sustaining and spreading G-d’s Torah and his Mitzvos, undertaken with Kedusha and Hiddur.
    May the legacy of this enormous Tzaddik live on with vitality until Bias Moshiac Tzidkanu Amen.

  4. Yankel – No, I don’t think they are the same, what foods he ate for shalos shudos is IMHO a more important point. My point being every little point won’t necessarily be in writing.


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