First Female IAF Pilot Appointed Deputy Commander In Combat Squadron

אלוף עמיקם נורקין ראש אג"ת חיל אוויר צילום: ראובן קסטרו Photo by: Reuven Kastro 03/05/2017
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In a first for the Israel Air Force, a female pilot has been appointed Deputy Commander of a combat squadron by the head of the Israel Air Force, Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin.

The officer, Captain Y, an F-15 navigator, will serve in the Spearhead Squadron, which flies F-15 fighter jets out of Tel Nof airbase in central Israel. Read more at JPOST.







  1. A dark milestone in the history of the state of Israel, the IDF and the IAF – a steep step in weakening the IAF, IDF and the safety and security of the state. This is an unexplained trend lately, among those to whom the main and utmost interest should be the safety and security of the state without the slightest discount and compromise.

  2. To the first 2 posters: This site was meant for chareidim – including chareidi men, many/most of which observe the lav in the Torah, the TORAH LAW, of “velo sasuru achrei levavchem…” with utmost importance. Thus, whenever possible, Matzav tries not to include pictures of women.

  3. Not at all unrelated. The picture is of the individual who made the appointment. Read the caption and the article before going to the default, Torah-observant media bashing, mode.


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