First Female Tank Commanders Complete Training Course

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The IDF made history on Thursday when its first female tank commanders finished their training course.

The four new commanders were part of a pilot program that began a year ago with the goal of integrating women into combat positions in the IDF Armored Corps.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, the women are Noga Shina, 20, from Benyamina; Shiran Tetroashvili, 20, from Gan Yavne; Charlotte Feld-Davidovici, 20, from Tel Aviv; and Osnat Levi, 19, from Yerushalayim.

The course the woman completed was almost exactly the same as that required of male soldiers. Eleven other candidates failed to pass.

Levi said that she was following in the footsteps of her grandfather, who was in the Armored Corps when Israel was founded. “I really think I achieved a meaningful service and it’s interesting that not everyone achieves it,” she said.

“After spending so much time with tanks, I knew that this was what suited me the best,” she added. “I finished training the way I was supposed to, just like all male soldiers, at the same professional level. I succeeded in doing the exact same thing as them. I expect to see more women join the Armored Corps. It’s both meaningful service and female empowerment.”

Feld-Davidovici, who made aliyah from London two years ago, said, “My motivation is high because I made aliyah to serve in the IDF and I chose to be a combat soldier. I believe that the IDF must give a larger opportunity to women in all combat roles, in spite of the fact that the physiological makeup is different from men.”

Tetroashvili emphasized the team spirit she experienced during training, saying, “The most important thing in a tank is the comradeship between each other. We didn’t give up on each other, without them the entire experience in a tank would have been different. I got to do things that I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Shina spoke about the pathbreaking nature of her training. “This opens a door to women to take on a new role,” she said. “People around me think this is an an extremely positive opportunity because it’s the highest role of its kind, to be a pioneer and the first woman in the Armored Corps.”

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  1. Thank you Gedolei Yisrael for putting your foot down and adamantly opposing for chareidim to join this immoral army.

  2. Of course the Orthodox Mizrachi girls joining this craziness will have to wear pants. And the modern heimisha sheitel types will have to hold on to their long wigs as they climb in and out of their tanks.

  3. Israel is the best! Smart and beautiful. Israel is a diamond in this rocky world. We are blessed thru Israel.

  4. Obviously, this is another example of the Judenrat infiltrating of the IDF and trying to lead Israel on a suicide path:
    1. Doubt that these girls are physically strong enough to load heavy shells or lift heavy parts in case of emergency repairs.
    2. The military rank subordination would be severely damaged and there can be no combat ability if a tank crew is mixed and the hormones are at work.
    3. One can only cringe at what would happen to these girls if they are captured by an enemy.
    4. It’s an idiotic mismanagement of societal resources. Pursuing a combat officer career is not conducive to becoming a mother, to say the least. The society needs children, women are the only ones who can give birth, while men are physically able to fight wars and become fathers at the same time.

  5. Your headline should read “tear Kira” for a churban in Klal Yisroel unfortunately you don’t really live up to your name

  6. rabbosai by definition there cant be a chareidi news site it will over time succumb to the krumkeit on the internet as indicative on thsis site and the other one as well

  7. First your fascination with Ruchi Frieir, now this. So Frum tzniusdike woman, you won’t show. But, stam random chilony females, yes? Shock jock.

  8. גיוס בנות יהרג ואל יעבור!!!!!!
    This is something to boast about??
    Especially as a chareidi girl was just arrested last week, to a complete media blackout.
    What has the frum world come to? The sefardi gedolim are being terrorized by askanim because they voice a differing opinion.
    I saw an article in one of the secular news sites a while back, they said that the chareidi world will begin to implode from within. Unfortunately, their words have proven true.
    With no true hanhaga, the askanim have taken over the leadership of the generation.
    אוי לנו שכך עלתה בימינו…

  9. The commentors are right, the mere fact that they are involved in raising children us depleting the Jewish nation.
    Of course, it is clear from the Torah that women do not belong in the army. But the logic mentioned here adds reasoning to this obvious Torah and principle.

  10. Any parent who puts their child into the israeli army is whacky. The army is not an army. It is an indoctrination center. They are mixing all kinds of anti Torah elements. From toeiva to transgenders to feministic women. It’s worse than you can imagine. The army is run by individuals who are fat cat politicians who could not care about any soldiers life. They expect soldiers to fight with one hand tied behind their back. Then to add insult to injury the so called Supreme Court of israel sides mostly with Arabs. This just came out. The foolish modern orthodox tziyonim of gushkatif got ripped out of their homes even though their youth served in the army. The entire draft of Yeshiva boys and soon girls is to lessen the growth of the chareidi community. Arabs don’t have to go to no army. Arabs marry multiple wives. Arabs can murder jews and are released by the israeli government including big talking natenyahu. We must stand up. A Rav here in eretz yisroel said to me Just today. We need 10 thousand chareidim to go out and proclaim we will join the army but we want the right to kill as we please. Then you will see how fast they will lay off the chareidim.

  11. I seriously doubt these girls were trained in the EXACT same way as their male counterparts, as they claim.

    Girls simply don’t have the physical strength and stamina to train like guys.

    Their words are simply IDF propaganda.

    Also, tank corps are less desirable to IDF recruits because the training calls for being in a tank for extended periods of time, including bodily functions, all in a small place with a couple of other people there. No exaggeration, ask potential combat recruits now where they want to be and they’ll tell you NOT the tanks! Why girls want this is beyond me.


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